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Artifact: Bloodthirst (FExxxC92)
(lore page)
Type One-handed Sword
Added by Dawnfang & Duskfang
Editor ID ccBGSSSE013_Bloodthirst
Damage Damage 14
Damage Damage 14 {{{health}}}
Speed 1.000
Speed 1.000 Reach 1
Weight Weight 16 Value Value 1000
Tempering Ebony Ingot
Tempering Ebony Ingot Perk Daedric Smithing
Absorb 15 points of health. Increases speed by 7%. Targets take additional bleed damage.
Charge/Cost = Uses 1000/62=17

Bloodthirst is an Akaviri artifact created by the Tsaesci. It is similar to Dawnfang/Duskfang, and is acquired from a miscellaneous quest obtained from reading a note during the A Soul Divided quest. Tempering Bloodthirst requires an Ebony Ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

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  • Bloodthirst has previously appeared in Blades. For more information, see the lore article.
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