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Skyrim:A New Debt

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Help Drovas Relvi with his debt to Mogrul.
Quest Giver: Mogrul
Location(s): Raven Rock
Prerequisite Quest: Reluctant Steward
Reward: None
A New Debt

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Be informed of your inherited debt by Mogrul.
  2. Pay the debt or kill Mogrul.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After the completion of the quest Reluctant Steward you will be made aware of a debt that Drovas Relvi owed to a money lender by the name of Mogrul. Now that Drovas is under the protection of Neloth and out of Mogrul's reach, Mogrul expects you to make good on Drovas' debt. To help entice you to pay the debt, he will send his thugs after you until the debt is paid.

There are multiple dialogue options when discussing this with Mogrul:

Option Dialogue Notes
I'm so sorry! Here, take the money. See, that wasn't so hard, now was it. Now get outta here. Pay 1000 gold
And if I don't pay you? Nothing for now. But watch your back. I'll be sending collectors to find you. They won't ask so nicely. One way or the other, I'll get my money.
Or I could just kill you now. Take your best shot, fetcher! But if you draw on me, the guards will put the bounty on your head, not mine.
Please be patient. I'll get you your money. Patience is for fools. When you are tired of looking over your shoulder, you'll pay me.
How about you take half? (Intimidate) Passed: Uh... yeah. That sounds good. Half. I think that will work.
Failed: How about I don't. You don't scare me.
Passed: Pay 500 gold
Failed: Nothing
Mogrul's Thugs want all your money!

If you don't want to pay Mogrul, your only alternative is to kill him, with the risk of the Redoran Guard intervening to stop you. However, if you are observant of your surroundings while you are in Mogrul's hometown of Raven Rock you can detect Mogrul and his bodyguard Slitter approaching you to demand that you pay up if you haven't been informed of your debt yet. He will follow you out of town if you are patient and don't run too far ahead, allowing you to discreetly dispatch him without drawing the guards' ire. You can also visit Drovas and inform him of Mogrul's harassment. While he will not be willing to pay the debt on his own initiative, you can persuade him to provide you with whatever money he can to help you pay off the debt.


  • Before the quest Mogrul is essential and you can't kill him. However, he loses his essential status when the quest begins and you can choose to kill him to solve this problem if you prefer to handle things that way.
  • If you hide inside the Retching Netch and ask your follower to do the killing, you may be lucky and avoid the bounty.
  • Using Mora's Grasp on a possible witness helps when trying to kill Mogrul quietly.
  • You can get the 250 gold from Drovas Relvi, then sneak kill Morgul when he's in the market, from the eastern cliff, using a powerful destruction spell or bow. This nets you 250 gold without having to pay Mogrul.
  • If you don't want to kill him nor lose the money, you can pay him and quickly pickpocket him before he has finished responding to your payment. The gold will still be in his inventory and you can steal it back. If you wait to pickpocket him until after he's done speaking, the gold will be gone.
    • You can still pickpocket the gold off him if you have intimidated him into taking half. Doing this in the Retching Netch unsuccessfully will cause Mogrul, and consequently his bodyguard Slitter, to become hostile and attack. Run down the stairs and hide until the guards and your follower have killed both of them. You will incur a bounty of a mere 25 gold and his body will still be laying in the corner club where you can loot the 500, plus whatever he was carrying as well as a lockpick and a Ring of Sneaking which provides 20% skill bonus. Just make sure to drop off any stolen goods in an near by barrel or inside Severin Manor if you have already obtained it before doing this. If his body is not disintegrated during combat it will reside permanently in the cornerclub. Dragging it off into a corner doesn't have to be done stealthily as no NPC will notice or care. If you can't pickpocket him after the first conversation, reload the game from a previous save and tell him "Or I could just kill you now." He will walk away and send some thugs after you, which can be killed for around 100 gold per encounter. Head back to Raven Rock after at least one encounter and try again.
  • Another way to deal with Mogrul is to sneak behind the wall surrounding the Retching Netch stairs and make sure his bodyguard blocks his gaze on you. Take one invisibility potion, hit the bodyguard with a powerful bow/arrow/poison (must be a single strike kill). Then, immediately take another invisibility potion. If Captain Veleth or any other Redoran Guard is near, he will come to see what happened and start a fight with Mogrul, since there is a corpse and no one else around to blame. Now, relax and watch the outcome.
  • Alternatively, find a good hiding spot in the marketplace, and hit Mogrul with a Frenzy spell (silent casting helps). The Redoran Guard that Mogrul claimed would take you out, would then take him out. Some of the townsfolk he had been harassing also get to join in the fray this way. Note that attempting to cast Fury will result in a message saying Mogrul is too powerful for Fury, but it will be inconsequential and he will simply stare at you if you attempt it. Using the Frenzy method can be done inside the Retching Netch, by standing on the side of the stairs opposite where he and his bodyguard sits, casting or using a potion of invisibility, then using Frenzy, and then immediately using another invisibility spell/potion. He will be killed by the guards very quickly, and since he won't be able to see you he won't attack you. Doing it inside Retching Netch rather than the marketplace also lessens the chance of collateral damage (accidentally killing NPC's that may be necessary for certain quests) as Mogrul is typically upstairs by himself with his bodyguard. This method is advantageous as you do not risk incurring a bounty.
  • Mogrul (and Slitter) can be lured out of Raven Rock by just remaining out of conversation length (where an NPC forces you into conversation) until you are out past Old Attius Farm (as long as Captain Veleth isn't there) where no Redoran Guards will see you, and then allow him to enter conversation with you. Choose whatever dialogue you like (attacking him before he can speak to you will only make him hostile and he can't be killed yet, as he is still essential), and then attack him as he walks away. You can now kill him without incurring a bounty.


  • If Mogrul is killed inside the Retching Netch while you are hidden, Slitter will search for you. If you unhide so that he finds you and then attacks you and you flee outside, he will not follow you. Subsequently, even if you immediately re-enter the Retching Netch, Slitter will not be hostile to you, and will still tell you to talk to Mogrul.
  • Mogrul can still send thugs after you, even though this quest has been completed.

|Killing Mogrul might automatically start Skyrim:Deceiving the Herd but without the Incriminating Letter required to complete the quest.|

Quest StagesEdit

A New Debt (DLC2TT1b)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
100 Someone named Mogrul sent a messenger for me. This Mogrul wants to talk.
Objective 100: Talk to Mogrul
200 Helping Drovas has come back to bite me. He owed a money lender named Mogrul 1000 septims. Now Mogrul expects me to pay Drovas' debt. If I don't, he's going to keep sending thugs after me.
Objective 200: Pay Mogrul
300 Finishes quest  Helping Drovas has come back to bite me. He owed a money lender named Mogrul 1000 septims. Mogrul expected me to pay Drovas debt, which I've done.
310 Finishes quest  Helping Drovas has come back to bite me. He owed a money lender named Mogrul 1000 septims. Mogrul expected me to pay Drovas debt. However, I killed him instead.
320 Finishes quest  Helping Drovas has come back to bite me. He owed a money lender named Mogrul 1000 septims. I persuaded him to take half that.
Objective 210: Pay or kill Mogrul
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