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Skyrim:A Letter to Selina III

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Book Information
A Letter to Selina III
Added by Dragonborn
ID xx030C9C
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Value 5 Weight 0
Found in the following locations:
A Letter to Selina III

My dearest Selina,

The supply ship due in Solstheim hasn't arrived yet and no one knows what's happened to it. I'll keep writing these letters in hopes that they can be delivered to you one day. It's awful being isolated on Solstheim like this, but General Carius keeps telling us we need to maintain Fort Frostmoth for the good of the Empire. I believe what he's saying only because he's never led us down the wrong path in the past, but I'm wondering if anyone on the Imperial Council even gives a damn about this pile of rock. Four soldiers have died in the last two years at Fort Frostmoth. It almost seems as though the Empire takes us all for granted and expects us to sit out here and get chipped away at like the rock inside the mines. My posting here can't end soon enough.

Yours always,

Maximian Axius
1 Sun's Dawn 4E 05