Shivering Isles: People
(RefID: 00017853)
Home Town Hale
House Tall-Trees-Falling's House
Race Argonian Gender Female
Level 4 Class Commoner
RefID 00017853 BaseID 00012089
Other Information
Health 49 Magicka 135
Respons. 90 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Hale Citizen; Mania; Wilderness

Tall-Trees-Falling is an Argonian commoner living in the small artist community of Hale. She has incredibly low self-esteem, an overall pessimistic viewpoint, and obviously focuses on doing as little "art" as she possibly can.

Her house is located in eastern Hale and she sleeps there every night between midnight and 7am. She always starts the day with a three-hour breakfast on the ground floor before heading outside to work the land next to Halion's house. After eight hours of work, she sits down on the chair near Zoe Malene's easel and enjoys her dinner while watching the sun go down behind the Isle of Flame. She gets up at 9pm and spends the last three hours of her day wandering around the settlement while sharing pessimistic comments with her fellow townsfolk.

In combat, she relies on an iron shortsword. She wears typical Mania attire with a touch of Cyrodiil, a brown tunic with green silk garments and orange loafers. She carries around her rake and a small amount of gold. Tall-Trees-Falling knows the standard leveled Rogue spells.

When you get near her, she will distantly say: "Oh... hello." When you talk to her, the destructive artist will say: "Who am I? How about a failure, a fraud, an utter sham. I'm a poet without merit, a slave to my own stupidity and will likely ruin your day." After that, she will greet you with: "Why should I get up to greet the day when every living thing mocks me?" When exiting conversation, the sad artist will say: "I was never good at saying goodbye."

At different stages in the Main Quest, Tall-Trees-Falling will share different rumors with other NPCs:

  • "Who cares if a new adventurer will be in our Realm soon, he wouldn't wish to hear what I have to say anyway."
  • "The mighty Gatekeeper has fallen. Fallen like my heart on a cold winter's day."
  • "Just when I look forward to company, they activate the Resonator. Tall-Trees-Falling is so alone."
  • "Thadon is in high spirits now? I'm glad someone is."
  • "Hearing rumors of Syl's madness makes me glad I live outside the walls of New Sheoth."
  • "The Great Torch burns once more -- a beacon of comfort that only serves to mock my existence."
  • "Like the leaves of a tree, Syl has fallen from Sheogorath's grace and no longer rules Dementia."
  • "Like the leaves of a tree, Thadon has fallen from Sheogorath's grace and no longer rules Mania."
  • "The day has finally arrived, a day of doom and despair. Whatever shall we do?"
  • "Why build the Gatekeeper again, if he will one day fall? Seems so sad and pointless."
  • "Armies can only mean one thing... more sorrow and more death."
  • "Oh! Our Lord has abandoned us! What will be our fate?"
  • "What's the point in being happy that the Greymarch has ended? Tomorrow something new will arise to destroy us."