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J'zidzo's House
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J'zidzo's House

J'zidzo's House is a small lower class home at the north end of Split.

Jastira Nanus' House lies to the east while Urul gro-Agamph's House sits to the south. It is the sole residence of J'zidzo and Atrabhi and has only one zone: J'zidzo's House.



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J'zidzo's HouseEdit

Upon entering the house, there is a shelf to the left side of the entrance. Its notable items include three pieces of Amber, three copies of Saints and Seducers, five copies of The Liturgy of Affliction, two copies of The Shivering Bestiary and a copy each of An Elytra's Life, The Standing Stones, 16 Accords of Madness, v. VI, The Living Woods, The Madness of Pelagius, Heretical Thoughts, The Predecessors, Zealotry, and Wabbajack. Scattered carelessly across the floor near the shelf are several more books. To the right side of the entrance hall are two sacks of clutter which occasionally spawn clothing and small amounts of gold.

Moving past the entryway, and traveling to the right, two cabinets and two barrels will become visible. The cabinets contain food and alcohol, and the barrels contain clutter and, occasionally, clothing. Atop the closest cabinet are two bottles of Cheap Wine and two Water Root Pod Pits. On top of the barrels are a couple of books, including The Shivering Bestiary, The Living Woods and An Elytra's Life.

The surface of a nearby table holds a pile of books containing From Frog to Man, Fall of Vitharn and 16 Accords of Madness, v. VI, as well as two more bottles of Cheap Wine, two Worm's Head Caps, a Smoked Baliwog Leg, and a Red Kelp Gas Bladder.

Heading up the staircase directly ahead of the entrance reveals Atrabhi's bed, two chests (one containing low level weapons and light Armor, the other containing clutter), and a table, atop which are a copy of Wabbajack, an Apprentice Alembic and Mortar & Pestle, a bottle of Beer, and a Scroll of Greater Dispel.

Directly underneath the upstairs section are J'zidzo's bed, many piles of books, and some clothing drawers with yet more books on top.


  • It is not possible to interact with a few of the books on the floor, or with a couple of bottles of wine on the table downstairs. ?