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Shivering:Flame Stalk

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Flame Stalk
Flame Stalk
Value 1 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Health Restore Health
2nd Fire Damage Fire Damage
3rd Frost Shield Frost Shield
4th Invisibility Invisibility
# Samples 29+7
Plant Flame Stalk  % 33
# Plants 752
Flame Stalk plants

The ingredient Flame Stalk comes from the Mania plant "Flame Stalk", which grows in caves. There are actually 2 varieties of this plant, both of which yield the same ingredient.

There are two different Flame Stalk ingredients, which are identical other than the FormID. The two different types can be combined to create four-effect potions. The standard type is 0001B6AE; this is the type harvested from all plants and found in most locations. The rare type is 00097613, which is only found in one place: in Bruscus Dannus' House. Moving or taking one of these 7 Flame Stalks will make Bruscus go crazy.


36 guaranteed samples can be found, 29 of which are the standard variety, and seven of which are the special variety. The places with the highest numbers of samples are:


The places with the highest concentrations of Flame Stalk are:

Locations of Flame Stalk plants