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Shivering:Fetid Grove

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Fetid Grove
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# of Zones 2
(1 boss-level Grummite)
Important Treasure
Pyke's Medallion
1 boss-level Urn
2 Hollowed Amber Limbs
3 Hollowed Amber Stumps
Console Location Code(s)
XPFetidGrove01, XPFetidGrove02
North of Split, southeast of Milchar
Fetid Grove

Fetid Grove is a medium-sized root cave on an island north of Split, just south of Overlook Road (quest-related). It contains two zones: Fetid Grove and Fetid Grove, Encampment.

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Key to Maps
Map of Fetid Grove Exterior

Zone 1: Fetid GroveEdit

Map of Fetid Grove
The amber stump and the nearby encampment

This zone is fairly linear and navigating shouldn't pose any serious problems. Simply move through the root tunnels in a clockwise fashion until you arrive at a large room containing a small encampment and an amber stump (H) guarded by two Grummites and a spore pod trap (G). Along the way, make sure to loot the three amber stumps and limbs at H and to access the hollowed stump protected by three root spikes traps (E). You then have to choice to access the next zone, Fetid Grove, Encampment, through door D or C. The former is found near the entrance, on the left, and leads to lower level of the next zone. The latter is to the north of the encampment and is the best choice.


  • 1 Grummite (Mania)
  • 2 Grummites (Mania; group list; non-respawning)
  • 1 Grummite (Mania, always best possible level; non-respawning)
  • 1 archer Grummite (Mania)
  • 1 archer Grummite (Mania, always best possible level)



Doors and Gates:

Zone 2: Fetid Grove, EncampmentEdit

Map of Fetid Grove, Encampment
The central encampment

If you chose the easy route in Fetid Grove, you will arrive in the Encampment through door D and will be up for quite a challenge, as you will have to navigate through a long underground tunnel and avoid the unfriendly fire from several Grummite Archers. You will also have to fight the Grummites patrolling the path and jump over two root spike traps at T. If you chose the longer trek in the previous zone, you will arrive from door C and find yourself on the upper level, with a much clearer view of the opposition.

In both cases, your main objective in this large room is Pyke's Medallion in the chest at Q and the boss-leveled Urn at B, guarded by a boss-leveled Grummite at A. Try to use sneak to take out some of the enemies, in order to avoid having to fight with more than three at once. Make sure to loot the amber stump in the southeast corner (H) and check out the rather peculiar grummite at E; imprisoned and slain by his own.


  • 1 boss-level Grummite (Mania) at location A on map
  • 2 Grummites (Mania; group list)
  • 1 Grummite (Mania; group list; non-respawning)
  • 1 Grummite (Mania, always best possible level; non-respawning)
  • 3 archer Grummites (Mania, always best possible level; non-respawning)


  • 1 Chest (contains Pyke's Medallion) at location Q on map. This chest will respawn, making it possible to retrieve multiple medallions (all of which will be quest items, however).
  • 1 boss-level Urn (Grummite variety) at B
  • 1 Hollowed Amber Stump (1-4 Amber; non-respawning) at H
  • 1 Chest (locked)
  • 1 Chest (Healing)
  • 1 Hollowed Stump (Healing)
  • The other following items will always be found: 2 Madness Ores


Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors (at C and D) in/out of this zone, both leading to the zone Fetid Grove


  • 1 Dead Grummite Prisoner at location E on map