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Bruscus Dannus' House
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Bruscus Dannus' House

Bruscus Dannus' House is the westernmost house in Highcross.

It is quite literally Bruscus' sanctuary. His obsessiveness carries over into his home and there are several items that, if moved or taken, cause him to run around in a panic, remarking at the horrible condition of the place.


Bruscus Dannus


Bruscus Dannus' HouseEdit

There is nothing particularly valuable in Bruscus' house, unless you're looking for void essences or flame stalks. When you walk in, there will be barrels and clutter on the left and right, a chest on the left containing clutter items, and a cupboard on the right containing food. Straight ahead from the doorway is a table with a bottle of mead, a cheese wedge on a tan plate, and a stone cup. To the right of the table is a cupboard containing food items. Along the northwest wall are two shelves containing assorted clutter items, including bowls, stone mugs, tan jugs, and covered pots. To the left of these shelves is a chest. In the north corner there is a cupboard containing food items. Near the southeast wall there is a table containing plates, bowls, utensils, two bottles of cheap wine, three void essences, and seven flame stalks. In the east corner, underneath the staircase, there are two wine shelves holding cheap wine, three brooms, and two crates. Up the staircase, there is a corridor with two rooms, the first one on the right contains storage barrels, a dresser, a crate and a chest, all of which contain various clutter items. The second room on the right is Bruscus' bedroom. In the bedroom, there is a small table/desk holding various books, a shelf with tan jugs and cloth. There is a bed and a chest at the foot of the bed. Next to the bed is a pile of stitched leather shoes, rough leather shoes, and a belted vest. To the right of the clothes is a dresser with an hourglass, a stone mug, tan jug, and a huntsman vest.