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Book Information
Value 54 Weight N/A
Needed for Investigate the Ruins
Found in the following locations:
Book of Dwarven Lore
by Arrik Favoril
Almost illegible notes about Dwemer runes

This book contains text too small to be easily read. Some words seem to be legible, however. If you would like to help, examine the images on this page and give it your best shot. With enough eyes, we may be able to make some sense out of this book. Please note that all words given below are just guesses, and may be completely incorrect. Also, the word lengths given by the ????s are approximate, and merely used for reference for those who wish to attempt to transcribe this book.


This rune. A dark ??????? represents the spellmaking of the
?????? knows ?? spell by the ???? of ??? ???? the sorcerers
of ?? ???????. The interpretation is usually ???? of a great
movement from one place or state of mind to another
generally ???

??-??? ??????? is the incantatory name of the goddess ???
???????. It is used primarily in ceremonies to welcome the
midsummer dews.

??????? ?? ????. A very dangerous rune that is often
found on the corpses of those about to be maimed by the

??????? is the rune which describes peace ?????????? and
simpler understanding of the ways of gods and mortals
It is said that one's ??????? in combination with [rune symbol] ????
????????? ??? ?????? will spontaneously combust along
with the ??????????? but as obviously no ?????? can ?????
this is difficult to prove. The story, however, has been
enough to dissuade all in modern times as far as it is

know ??????????? is the sign for ????? god, ?????? used
these days as it is ?????? confused with [rune symbol] ?????? ??????
or ??????? ?????

??????? is the rune representing the ??? ??? is ?????
???? ????? the middle on ????????? ?????. It is both
good and bad depending on your way ??? whether or not
you want ????????.


A???? - this is not to be used lightly. ?? ??????? the
?????? ???? is ???? ???????? ?? ???????? by the ??????????
it is ???? that the ??????? ??? the machine be ????????

A long debate has lasted many centuries about the true
meaning of this rune ????? ????. Some say that it
represents the division of good and evil, the very point at
which they are balanced and the ???? by which that
friction ????d the manip??? itself. ?????? others believe
that ????? ??????? ??? rune is itself a worm hole which
regarded obliquely presents a doorway to a parallel
universe. Since the first unexplained appearance [sic?]
appearance of the ????? in our dimension this latter
interpretation has gained ground. A ?????? opinion has
it that this rune simply means the summation of black
and white ???? is the ?????? ???? which is what this ????

???????. This rune is the rune of De???? I?????

??????? are the small pink organisms which float in the
????? of a ???? on days after ?????? ????????????????
They are said to be remnants of the corpses of those
dressed in the ?????? of ????? in the later Merethic
period. The organisms ????? ?????? ???? ????????????? ?????
a ??????? and nasty breed ?????? ???? is ?? ???????

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