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Yokudan King
Location Lost City of the Na-Totambu, Yokudan Archive
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ra Gada
Condition Spirit
Yokudan King

The Yokudan King is an ancient Yokudan ghost encountered in the Lost City of the Na-Totambu. He guards the Cartulary of the Tamed Dunes in the Yokudan Archive.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

A little ways into the Yokudan Archive, Paldeen will express his delight just as a spirit appears with a warning:

Paldeen: "Remarkable. Just remarkable!"
Yokudan King: "You have done well, but you must still prove yourself worthy to claim the Cartulary."

Speak to the spirit an he'll say:

"This place is lost to time, wanderer. You could never understand its significance."
Who are you?
"I am the vestige of a king chosen to serve on the first council. We came to Volenfell long ago, and thought it our duty to tame this wild land.
Why are you here, wanderer?"
I've come to claim the Cartulary.
"What makes you worthy of such a relic? Any common thief could make it this far.
Only someone truly worthy may take the Cartulary from its resting place."
How can I prove my worth?
"The warrior wave of our fleet, the great Ra Gada, sailed to this land in ages past. We are a people of strong and noble heritage.
To earn our respect, you must succeed at a trial of combat, of kingship, or of bloodlines. Choose now."
I choose the trial of combat.
"The Ra Gada brought fear to Volenfell's shores. Breton, Orc, Nord, and Elf alike trembled at our battlecries and the prowess of our sword saints.
To prove yourself worthy, you must best this challenge."
I'm ready.
I choose the trial of kingship. I know what it takes to rule.
"Do you, now? You are either confident or arrogant. It matters little. Great kings are often both.
Tell me, wanderer. How would you use the secrets of the Cartulary?"
[Persuade] I'll give the Cartulary to the rightful heirs of the Ra Gada, you have my word.
"A true king knows that strength is often found in humility. We foster our people because they, in turn, make us stronger. A king is nothing if he is not beloved.
Your answer satisfies me."
Thank you, your majesty.
[Intimidate] These riddles don't interest me. Give me the Cartulary or I'll take it.
"You're a plunderer, then! Many of the Ra Gada kings were corsairs. We raided the coastal cities and merchant vessels of the Bretons. We were both wealthy and feared because of our ferocity.
Your answer satisfies me."
It's about time.
I'll use the Cartulary as I see fit.
"You'll forgive me if I don't find your argument compelling."
If you are not a Redguard:
If you are a Redguard:
What is the trial of bloodlines?
"This trial is not for you. You are not a descendant of the Ra Gada."
What about Paldeen? He's a Redguard.
"Was it this Paldeen who overcame the dangers? Who battled the guardians? Who risked life and limb to stand before me? No.
You are the focus of these trials, not Paldeen."
I am Redguard; a descendant of the Yokudan people. I choose the trial of bloodlines.
"You speak truth. Yokudan blood flows through your veins. I can sense it. The Cartulary is yours, by right of blood. Use it as you will, but know that to abuse its secrets will bring you and your children great dishonor and misfortune."

Once you have satisfied the King, he'll grant you your boon.

Yokudan King: "The Cartulary is yours to claim. Farewell, wanderer. We shall not meet again."
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