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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Wyress Althene
Location Viridian Woods
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Glenmoril Wyrd
Wyress Althene

Wyress Althene is a Breton wyress of the Glenmoril Wyrd and can be found in one of their camps within the Viridian Woods. Like Wyress Demara she sees the power of the Viridian Sentinel as unnatural and is loath to see it be continued in a new Sentinel. Nonetheless, she will help with doing the Wyrd's part of the ritual.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Althene will appear after you have spoken to Demara about the ritual.

Wyress Althene: "But sister! You said this was the last time we would help the Sentinel!"
Wyress Demara: "Enough. Come, let us finish the blessing and be done with it."
Wyress Althene: "Come along, then. We have a sacrifice ready."
<Wyress Althene walks to the Altar.>
Wyress Althene: "When I say, hold the bud out in your hands. Keep them steady, no matter what happens."

She will then begin the ritual and at some point tell you to shove the Spriggan Bud into the sacrifice.

Wyress Althene: "Plunge it into the offering. Quickly!"

Wyress Althene can then be spoken to:

"That's it. The bud is ready. Take it to the girl, Elara.
I can't believe Demara continues to help the Sentinel on this mad scheme. We will all suffer for his generosity in the end. The girl knows nothing of the woods, and it will cost us all dearly."

Speaking to her after giving the bud to Elara:

"The roots run deep through the woods. We hear all that transpires within it, whether for good or ill."


Regardless of your choice at the end of the quest, Wyress Althene can be found outside Stenwick's home digging a grave afterwards. However, her reply to you will depend on the choice that was made.

There is a new Viridian Sentinel:
There is no Viridian Sentinel:
"I've known Stenwick since I was a child. Just because we didn't agree on many things, doesn't mean his burial tradition should be ignored.
I'd hoped for a change with his death, but it seems the princess will continue the Sentinel's work. A shame."
"I've known Stenwick since I was a child. Just because we didn't agree on many things, doesn't mean his burial traditions should be ignored.
We'll return Elara's body to Evermore. I don't know how royalty prefer to be buried."