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Online:Who Are the Sea Elves?

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Who Are the Sea Elves?
ID 7576
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Collection Archipelago Books and Almanacs
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Who Are the Sea Elves?
Written by an unknown Breton child
A child's thoughts on the Maormer

Who are the Sea Elves? Mother says that they are bad, but I think their name sounds a bit funny. Maormer. When my sister tries to say it, it sounds like Mow! Oh! Mur! Mother doesn't like us talking about them, but father will sometimes tell stories if it's late at night.

He talks about the Sea Elves riding giant sea serpents and a big scary king named Orgnum! Father says he can't die, but that can't be real, can it? He sounds scary enough even if he can die.

The Sea Elves frighten me. There's a lot of blood in father's stories. Sea battles, too! Sometimes the stories are too scary for my sister and she cries a lot. Mother gets upset when that happens. She says that we shouldn't even talk about the Sea Elves, and that the less we know about them the better. But that just makes me want to know more!

Who are they really? What kind of music do they like? Do you think they have children like me and my sister? I wonder if they have toys on their ships. It would be pretty boring if they didn't have any toys. Do the Sea Elves eat the same food as us? Do they name those sea serpents they ride? I think I would name mine Darther.

I wish I could ask a Sea Elf all these questions. Maybe I could write one a letter. Do they write letters? Can they get letters on their ships? I think mother would be angry if I tried to write a Sea Elf a letter, but I'm just so curious. Is their skin really blue? That must be pretty. I don't know if they can be all bad. Maybe some of them are nice.