White Fall Mountain
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Striking Locale
Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Skyshards 1
White Fall ValleyCyrodiil
Northeast of Arrius Keep
White Fall Mountain Summit

White Fall Mountain is a giant camp located northeast of Arrius Keep in northeastern Cyrodiil.

The mountain from a distance
The Skyshard at the summit, with Malvor
The Ayleid ruin entrance in the caves

A tunnel runs through the mountain from east to west, with a side passage leading northwards. The eastern entrance lies to the west of Fanacas, the western entrance is just east of Arrius Farm, and the northern entrance is west of The Tower stone. The center of the tunnel contains an Ayleid ruin entrance which leads to the mountain top. A chest can be found next to the door, but this is a decoy and will spawn an ambush of Gray Vipers. The top of the mountain holds a skyshard, but is also home to the giant Malvor. A trail leads down from the mountain top to The Tower stone.


Unlike other zones, there is no achievement for discovering the Striking Locales in Cyrodiil, but an achievement is unlocked for finding the skyshard here, as the mountaintop is considered separate from Ebonheart Territory. Thus, this is not part of the Cyrodiil Pact Skyshard Hunter achievement.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-misc-Skyshard.png Mountain Skyshard Hunter 5 Find the Skyshard on top of the mountain in Cyrodiil.



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