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Book Information
Watcher's Report
ID 3015
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Collection Wrothgar Writings
Found in the following locations:
Watcher's Report
A Pale Watch officer's letter regarding the rebuilding of Orsinium

Honored Watchmaster,

Our scouts have noticed increased activity in the old city. They request permission to go deeper into the ruins to investigate the situation. As you know, the Pig-Men have been migrating in greater numbers recently. This may be the beginning of a new settlement. We cannot afford to stand idly by and give them time to dig in.

Sergeant Malene has been interrogating the Orcs we captured in last week's raid. Apparently there is some discord among their savage tribesā€”something of a leadership dispute. If any of these beasts plan to return to the city, we must be prepared to go to war. We cannot suffer the Orcs to stack stones. The Oath demands that we act!

Your vigilant servant,
Captain Gerarde