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Online:Wakener's Sermon

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Book Information
Wakener's Sermon
ID 4049
SeeĀ Also Lore version
Collection Daedric Cults
Related to Echoes of a Fallen House
Found in the following locations:
Wakener's Sermon
A cultist's plans to revive House Dagoth

Some might snicker at the sight of the "Unbroken Home" laying in ruin, but they mistake slumber for death. Kogoruhn is as it ever was. Vibrant beneath its covers of dust, awaiting the time to welcome back its masters. Just as we do.

The diggers whisper that they can feel the call of the ash statues drawing them closer, but it is not their rude blood to which the statues sing. I have seen revelation in the eyes of the blood heirs as they held their birthright. True understanding. Through them we will shape the world into its ordained form.

Find those whose bloodline speaks to this place. Their awakening is nigh.