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Veronard Liancourt
HomeĀ Settlement Southern High Rock Gate
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant
Veronard Liancourt

Veronard Liancourt is a Breton mage and member of the Daggerfall Covenant army, who can be found at the Southern High Rock Gate.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

It is his job to provide directions for the newcomer soldiers to begin training for Alliance War, and he will greet you at the gate once you arrive.

"Another soldier to join the fight?"
Yes. Where do I go?
"Not so fast. First you need training. Start with Zahreh at the Northern High Rock gate. She has munitions to be delivered to the siege range. The Transitus Shrine is the best way to get there and back. Felycie Canis can tell you more about it."
What if I don't need training?
"Confident, aren't we? If you think you don't need training, speak with Grand Warlord Dortene. Only she can excuse you from it.
Go see either Zahreh or Dortene, your choice."
I'll talk to one of them.

He can then be asked about the reasons why the Covenant is fighting in Cyrodiil.

"Just stick with the training, soldier."
Why are we fighting this war?
"The Empire's collapse has thrown all of Cyrodiil into chaos. All three alliances seek to take over. Grand Warlord Dortene has been given an army and orders to Conquer Cyrodiil. And she is determined to see it done!"
Why is Cyrodiil so important?
"Cyrodiil is the heart of Tamriel. The alliance that rules here can strike in any direction, threatening the other heartlands. With Grand Warlord Dortene leading our armies, how can the Covenant fail to sweep all before us?"
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