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"Malacath's Vengeance Day is coming up soon, and you'll want to look your best for it!" says Borzighu of Orsinium. "Being Orcs, naturally we think about revenge every day, but Vengeance Day is still our favorite!"
Vengeance Day Dress (female)
ON-icon-costume-Vengeance Day Dress.png
Vengeance Day Dress
Type Costume
Acquired From Crown Store
Stonelore Crate
Reward Level Superior
Price 00700700 Crowns
00490490 Crowns (Discounted)
0001616 Crown Gems
010001,000 Seals of Endeavor
Availability September 13, 2018 - November (?), 2018

The Vengeance Day Dress is an Orsimer costume that was first available in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns from September 13 to November (?), 2018. It is also available as a Superior-level reward in Stonelore Crates.

It was offered at a discounted 00490490 Crowns to all players from October 29 to November 1, 2021.


Slot 1: Blue parts
Slot 2: Gold parts
Slot 3: Red parts

(Shoes cannot be dyed)


Appearances: 1

  • Crown Store — September 13, 2018 - November (?), 2018
  • Crown Store — October 29, 2021 - November 1, 2021
  • Stonelore Crate