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Online:Veloise Townhouse

Elder Scrolls Online: Places: High Isle / Homes
Veloise Townhouse
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High Isle
Gonfalon Bay, near the western gate
Veloise Townhouse

Veloise Townhouse is a multistory home near the western gate of Gonfalon Bay. Veloise Townhouse is physically the closest building to the gate. It is on the far side of Nenalarian's House, which is also the closest structure to it. A wooden shelter near the townhouse has Ferou Brigette sacrificing a chicken, with Urvie Boissart either participating or standing watch. A rat may be found in the street, as well. A notice has been placed on one of the exterior supporting pillars.

The unsecured interior open to the single room that makes up the first floor. The second floor is used as a bedroom, with a bathing area partially blocked by a few privacy screens. There is a few containers that can be looted throughout the house, but they do not contain any significant loot. Although there is a third floor, it cannot be accessed through the townhouse.

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