Online:Varinia Asellus

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Varinia Asellus
Location West of Fort Aleswell
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 33367
Reaction Friendly
Varinia Asellus

Varinia Asellus is an Imperial found on a wooden platform overlooking Fort Aleswell, halfway between the fort and the ruins of Piukanda. She can be accessed by heading west from the road near Piukanda, between Fort Aleswell Lumbermill and the Aleswell Mine, and dropping onto the platform from the hill above.


If spoken to, she will lament the Alliance War:

"It's pretty from here, isn't it, Aleswell? Majestic even. Up close, inside, it's very different. I prefer the view from here."
What's so bad about Fort Aleswell?
"It's not the place, it's the times, this war. The fort used to be peaceful, quiet, a place to think and rest, not much of a fort, really. More like a sanctuary with really high, thick walls."
And now?
"Now it's a deathtrap, full of blood and anger and fear. The smell of death and the cries of the dying fill the place. You can't get away from it.
Except out here. From here, it looks as it always did. I like to remember it that way."