Elder Scrolls Online: People
Location Deep Graves, Valrendil's Cave
Race High Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Valrendil is a High Elf found at his camp south of Deep Graves in Shadowfen. He was a scholar from the Crystal Tower before being appointed as the Thalmor's Research Appointee, and authored The Argonian Mating Ritual.

Related QuestsEdit


A Stranger UninvitedEdit

"Why are you searching my belongings?"
"I came to this hallowed place to learn, not to deal with petty thieves.
I'll report you to Xijai-Teel. She won't tolerate vagabonds on this site."
Xijai-Teel sent me. She wants to know why you are here.
"Of course, I should have expected this.
Tell the generous Xijai-Teel not to fear. My work does not threaten Argonians. It is personal—the work of decades—and now I may finally have succeeded, though I must betray the legacy of the ancestors."
What work? What do you mean?
"My wife! I'm talking about my wife. She was … is … the joy of my life. Such grace as you see but once in a hundred years.
Then death took her. I could not prevent it, but I cannot let go. She was caught between worlds … until now."
What have you done?
"My wife lives! She's blessed by an Argonian reincarnation, thank the Hist! Though I wanted this, I was still amazed at how quickly she awoke in this place.
The Dominion will execute me for desertion, so I remain here, in the home my beloved created."
She only awoke here? May I meet her?
"Only here. It must be the proximity to the Hist reclaiming its dead. To have her back with me—it's wonderful!
Yes, of course, you should meet her. She's within. It just looks like a cave, but inside, she's recreated our home."
"For the courtesy Xijai-Teel has shown me, I am honored to have you meet my wife. She tires easily, so please make your visit brief.
You know, I would be content to remain here with her forever, if it were possible."

If you enter the cave and upset his wife, when you return to the camp, he'll say:

"You've caused enough trouble!
Xijai-Teel will hear of this! You were sent here to upset my wife! Begone, before I lose my temper."

Broken ApartEdit

"You. My wife asked me not to allow anyone—especially you—into our sanctuary. It was heartless of you to put such fear in her.
Your wife isn't who you think she is.
"Bah, lies! She told me you'd say such things.
Why you, a stranger, could possibly hate her, I don't understand."
[Persuade] Think a moment. Does your wife remember your time together before she died?
"She … may have forgotten a few details.
Bah! You know nothing of death's toll. It makes no sense! Though I may not be able to stop you now, I shan't give up."
You must believe me. If you don't, more people will die.
"I … what? Very well. Sometimes I think what I see isn't quite right. Sometimes from the corner of my eye, or when she thinks I'm not looking.
Anuiel's clarity, have I lost the Fixed Center?"
If you won't listen to reason, I'll put an end to this myself.
"Go—be on your way and I shall be on mine. We'll see who's the victor in this battle soon enough."
Your "wife" is hurting people. She's a wispmother. Your life with her is an illusion.
"An illusion? Ha! Illusions can't create these feelings or the devotion I see in her eyes. I believe in my Alanya.
This is preposterous. If you persist with this madness, I'll stop you. I don't know how, but I will."
You can trust me. I have no reason to lie.
"I found you ransacking my camp and insulting my wife. Now you talk to me about trust?
You mock me, and I will not have it."
You must believe me…
If you won't listen to reason…
You're delusional. Step aside, I'm going to stop this before she kills again.
"Go—be on your way and I shall be on mine. We'll see who's the victor in this battle soon enough."

If you failed to convince Valrendil of the truth before entering the cave, he'll react to the wispmother with devotion before being killed.

Valrendil: "I am yours, beloved."

If you choose the option You must believe me. If you don't, more people will die., he will enter the cave. The wispmother will call for aid, and he'll be terrified.

Wispmother: "My love! Protect me!"
Valrendil: "What is this place? Gods, what is that?"

After the fight, he'll say:

Valrendil: "It's all over."

Outside the cave, he'll tell you.

"You were right … about everything. My wife is as dead as she ever was. It was all simply a lie."
It had to be done. I'm sorry.
"I was blind … a desperate Mer, tricked by his loneliness.
You know, she must have loved me. She saved my life so many times … from Dominion spies, from things in these swamps. She … it must have really cared."
What will you do now?
"I don't know. I should stay here, if Xijai-Teel will allow it. No other place will give me safe haven, and my people will want to execute me for treason.
I can still study. Perhaps someday, I can even be forgiven."

Speaking with him after the quest:

"I was trapped. I let myself get trapped. Perhaps I would even be dead. You changed that, friend.
Understand: I'm grateful, but I also wish you had never found me."

Otherwise, he will enter the cave and say:

"I am yours, beloved."

He'll then become enthralled and killed by the Wispmother.