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Home City The Hollow City
Location Fighters Guildhall
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Valorone is an Altmer member of the Fighters Guild who can be found at the guildhall in the Hollow City.

Related Quests[edit]


Once you have completed Light from the Darkness, the Fighters Guild Hall will become accessible. King Laloriaran Dynar will ask you to enter to see who is currently in charge. When you enter, you will witness an argument between Valorone and Darien Gautier.

Darien Gautier: "Your nagging is becoming more annoying than my persistent rash. We finally have a secure base—to go back outside without a plan is even too foolhardy for me."
Valorone: You want us to hide behind these walls? To leave our comrades to die while you sip wine and lounge about? You have no honor, knight!"
Darien Gautier: "Don't lecture me about honor, Elf! You have no idea what I've seen or what I've gone through!"
Ferva Hloril: "A moment, gentlemen. Postpone your exchange of harsh words long enough to acknowledge our visitor." [verification needed — Are they still in the game, this line and character weren't there when I played this part of the quest.]

After you have spoken with Darien, King Dynar will announce himself. Valorone will have no idea who he is and will initially see the king as a usurper of authority.

King Laloriaran Dynar: "Attend me, soldiers! We have a war to win and time grows short.
Valorone: "What in Auriel's name is this? Who are you?"
Darien Gautier: "So that's the last Ayleid, huh? I thought he'd be more … dusty. Isn't that what happens when Elves get really, really old?"
Valorone: "Shut it, you fop."
King Laloriaran Dynar: Who's in charge of this group? Step forward and address me."
<Silence hangs in the room.>
King Laloriaran Dynar: "Then allow me to rectify that. I shall lead you. We shall recover your comrades and complete your mission. If that does not work for you, your services are no longer needed."
Valorone: "I don't know who you are, but you aren't Fighters Guild. You have no authority over us!"
King Laloriaran Dynar: "Do you challenge me, then? Do you want me to kill you to prove my combat prowess to your companions?"
Darien Gautier: "I wouldn't necessarily mind seeing that. He is kind of annoying."
Valorone: "How can you expect us to lay down our lives for someone we never met? Trust is earned on the battlefield!"
King Laloriaran Dynar: "If you want to survive, if you want to win this, you must trust me. Allow me to explain why you need my leadership."
King Laloriaran Dynar: "We shall work this out. I understand your reservations. But with my leadership, the Fighters Guild will help us win this war."

If you speak with him he will explain his reasons why he wants to go outside the city.

"I refuse to leave our guildmates to rot in the wilds of this wicked place! I don't care about the dangers.
How would you feel if it was you still out there? Wouldn't you want us to come find you?"
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