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Valentyn Dantaine
Home Settlement Amenos Station
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Valentyn Dantaine

Valentyn Dantaine is a Breton prisoner who can be found in the Stockade at Amenos Station. He is the husband of Marcelle Dantaine.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Long Game: Help the Dantaines recover the treasure from the Systres Sisters Vault.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Long GameEdit

As you approach him:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Damn, the legend was right. I do need three keys."

When spoken to:

"Oh, hello. If you're one of those horrid prisoners come to rob me, I'm afraid my current situation has left me quite destitute.
But come to think of it, if you'd be willing to help me out, I can promise you a sizable chunk of gold. What do you say?"
Wait. Your wife is worried about you. She hired me to find you and get you to an extraction point.
"Marcelle? Why would she do that? She knew my plan was to get arrested and steal the Daybreak Gem. I let those jailers grab me on purpose!
Well, at least it sounds like she has a better exit strategy than I devised."
You're stealing the Daybreak Gem from the prison?
"From the prison? What ever gave you that idea? No, I needed to get into the prison to examine a book I knew was inside the jailers' keep. Secrets of Amenos. A rare tome full of secrets I require to access the old vault."
What old vault?
"The one where the Daybreak Gem is stored! Pay attention, my friend. I didn't think I was going too fast.
The old vault was built and forgotten years ago. But with the information from that book, I finally know how to open it. Will you help me?"
What kind of help, exactly?
"I hoped the legend was wrong. That I'd only need the one key I already have. But alas, it requires three keys to open the vault. And now I know where to find them.
Help me survive the jungle and acquire the other keys, and I'll pay you handsomely."
All right, I'll help you find the keys and steal the Daybreak Gem.
"Brilliant! According to the book, the keys were hidden separately. One in the southern jungle, the other in the west. Here, I'll mark your map with the locations specified.
Have you heard the legend of the hidden vault? It's quite fascinating!"
Tell me about this legend.
"It's remarkable. The legend of the Systres Sisters! Famaza, Finimi, and Fera—a trio of pirates who amassed untold treasure from their raids along High Rock's coast.
According to the story, they chose Amenos as the site to build their hidden vault."
What happened to these pirates?
"Well, this was before Amenos Station and the prison stockade. The sisters built their vault and hid their treasure. While the vault was under construction, Famaza fell in love with a local named Altinwe. That's when everything started to fall apart."
Fall apart? What do you mean?
"Altinwe convinced Famaza to betray her sisters so they could keep the treasure for themselves. Her sisters learned of the plan and hid their keys before any confrontation could occur.
You see, all three keys were needed to open the vault."
So what happened when Famaza finally confronted her sisters?
"Nothing good. The Systres Sisters died fighting each other, leaving Altinwe with one key and the secret of the vault. He bragged of it in a tavern, which is how the legend got started.
He met his end searching the jungle for the other two keys."
Where exactly is this vault?
"Right behind this rocky cliff side. The locks are hidden in the boulder I was examining. Ingenious design, but it definitely requires all three keys.
You know, I was hoping the legend was wrong about that. Ah, well."
And you think the other two keys are at the spots you marked on my map?
"A lot of research went into determining which rare book mentioned the keys. Then more to find out there was a copy in the prison. After I obtained Famaza's key from a far-too-trusting descendant, I came here.
Anyway, we'll soon have the other keys!"
What about the jungle? I've heard it's pretty dangerous beyond those gates.
"Dangerous? Sure, but nothing you can't handle. We haven't been processed yet, so we can come and go from the jungle as we please. Just make sure none of the jailers notice. They usually don't pay much attention outside the stockade, though."
Why take such a big risk just for a gem?
"This isn't just any gem! The Daybreak Gem has a rich history. And it's part of a different legend.
I'll let you in on another secret—with the Daybreak Gem, I can find an even more legendary vault that contains an even greater treasure!"
So, you need to break into this vault to get the gem so you can break into another vault?
"Precisely! Now you see why I was willing to risk banishment to obtain the Daybreak Gem. I'm just glad Marcelle found you and sent you to help. She really is a terrific partner!
Now, let's go get those keys!"

If you speak to him before leaving he'll say:

"The book I snuck into the keep to read indicated that the keys are hidden in the jungle—one in the south, the other in the west. They even provided a map!
Would you like to hear the legend concerning the vault? It really is quite riveting."

At the west key location:

Valentyn Dantaine: "A stone structure? The key must be in there! Oh, what does that plaque say?"

After reading the plaque:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Hmm. Plinths. Must be these low pedestals over here. There's a shawl on one already, so we just need to find a sacred leaf and the traitor's coal."

If spoken to:

"The tanna leaf is considered sacred in some cultures, including among the local druids. Should be easy enough to find.
Lignite is a particular type of coal, a rock formed by naturally compressed peat. It's common to the area. Let's look around."

After collecting the tanna leaf and lignite:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Well, that's a leaf and a chunk of coal. Start with the leaf. Place it on the plinth closest to the center of the island."

If you pick the wrong pedestal, he'll remark:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Ah, I guess they mean the other center. Try placing the leaf on the other plinth."

After placing the tanna leaf:

Valentyn Dantaine: "That seems right! Now place the coal."

After placing the coal:

Valentyn Dantaine: "That did it! The door appears clear. Well done!"

Regardless if you start with the south or west key, he'll say:

Valentyn Dantaine: "You're a natural. One key down, one to go."

Speaking to him:

"One more key and the Daybreak Gem will be ours! We're so close."

At the south key location:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Look, up there. If I were a key, I'd hide up there."

Enter the ruins and he'll say:

Valentyn Dantaine: "These old ruins … this must be the place. Look around for a key while I keep watch."

Find the key and he'll shout at you from below:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Hey, friend! Down here!"

When you return with all the keys:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Now we have all three keys! Let's return to the vault and see if we can open it."

Speaking to him again if you have all three keys:

"That's it, my friend! We have all three keys. Now to go and open the vault!"

At the vault entrance:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Let's insert our keys. Hopefully, we don't have to turn them all at the same time."

Speaking to him before you used the 2 keys:

"Insert the two keys we recovered and unlock the vault, my friend! I've already used mine."

Use the keys and he'll be encouraged:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Will you look at that. Amazing! Let's head inside."

Inside the Systres Sisters Vault, he will beckon you to come and claim the treasure but both of you are knocked out by smoke bombs:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Come, friend! The treasure awaits!"

Once you get knocked out, a voice will say:

Mercenary Captain Rood : "Put them to sleep and throw them in the cage. Remember, the boss said not to hurt them."

You won't get too far before you're detained by mercenaries and put in a cell. In the cell he will speak to Marcelle:

Marcelle Dantaine: "Wake up, my darling! And thanks for opening the vault. You always did have a way with locks and keys."
Valentyn Dantaine: "Marcelle? What are you doing in that cage?"
Marcelle Dantaine: "Poor Valentyn. As confused as ever. You're in the cage, my dear. I'm stealing the treasure!"

If spoken to before speaking to Marcelle:

"Marcelle is stealing my stolen treasure? Again? I seriously don't know why I still love that woman …."

After speaking to Marcelle he will say:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Isn't she a marvel? Well, we need our own escape route. Here, grab my hammer and chisel and find us a way out of here."

Follow him to the next area and he'll put you to work:

"That hammer and chisel are the key to our escape, my friend! I always carry around the proper tools. You never know what might come in handy."

Take the hammer:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Knock on the walls with the hammer and chisel and look for a weak spot. Volcanic tunnels riddle these islands. There's bound to be one nearby."

Speaking to him:

"That hammer and chisel are the key to our escape, my friend! I always carry around the proper tools. You never know what might come in handy."
You don't seem too upset that your wife betrayed you.
"You simply don't understand, my friend. Marcelle and I are thieves! This is what thieves do. That doesn't change the fact that we love each other. We just love treasure and the competition a little bit more.
But have no fear. We've got a chisel!"
Right. And what am I supposed to do with this hammer and chisel?
"Find a weak spot and knock on the wall. You'd be surprised what you can do with a good hammer and chisel.
I'd do it, but I'm more about the strategy and tactics than the physical labor. Not really built for that sort of thing, you know."

If you start in the wrong spot, he'll tell you to try again:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Sounds solid. Knock in another spot."
Valentyn Dantaine: "No, too solid. Look for a large crack or something."

Find the right spot:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Oh, well done!"

The wall collapses:

Valentyn Dantaine: "And that's why I carry a hammer and chisel! Now let's get out of here."

In the next section of the cave, you will have to speak to Valentyn:

"Now that we're free, we can finish what we started."
How can we finish when your wife has already taken the treasure?
"You assume Marcelle knows about the Daybreak Gem, but I never mentioned it when I told her the legend of the vault. I always hold back a secret or two!
Marcelle has no idea that the big, non-precious gem is really the key to a larger treasure!"
So you think she left the gem behind? All right. Oh, and here's your hammer and chisel back.
"Ah, my trusty hammer and chisel! Saved my arse on more than one occasion!
Now let's go find that gem and get to the extraction point before Marcelle. If we hurry, we can still turn the tide on the love of my life."

Speak to him again and he'll add:

"After you, my friend. I insist. Besides, I need to keep watch for the Daybreak Gem while you deal with any dangers ahead of us."

In the next are, he spots the exit:

Valentyn Dantaine: "There's our exit. I'll set up this ladder while you find the gem. Check the lockboxes that Marcelle left behind. It has to be in one of them."

Speaking to him while conducting the search:

"You get the Daybreak Gem while I set up this ladder. That hatch up above should lead out of the vault. That's my theory, in any event."

Find the gem:

Valentyn Dantaine: "That's definitely the Daybreak Gem, my friend. Look how it refuses to glisten! Now, up the ladder and let's get out of here."

Before you climb up the ladder:

"Up the ladder, my friend! And don't drop that gem, not after all we've been through to acquire it."

Make your way out and you're on your way to the end:

Valentyn Dantaine: "We're out! Now let's get to that extraction point Marcelle told you about!"

Speaking to him again:

"We can beat Marcelle and her minions to the extraction point if we hurry, I'm sure of it!"

Get closer and he runs ahead:

Valentyn Dantaine: "I'll meet you at the extraction point, my friend!"

Reach the rope and the ledge:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Climb, my friend, climb!"

Climb the rope just in time for Marcelle and her lackeys to show up:

Valentyn Dantaine: "We did it, my friend! Look, we beat my wife to the extraction point! Smashing!"
Marcelle Dantaine: "Valentyn? How did you—?"
Valentyn Dantaine: "You constantly underestimate me, oh love of my life. Here, let me just cut these ropes for you."
Marcelle Dantaine: "Damn you, Valentyn! I didn't think you had it in you. But I will see you soon, my love. Count on it."
Valentyn Dantaine: "Always, my love. Always."

You will then have to speak to him:

"Marcelle is angry with me, but she'll get over it. These competitions keep our blood hot, if you catch my meaning. While she finds another way out of the jungle, we slip away on the next ship departing Amenos Station.
Now about my gem …."
Here. Take the gem.
"Ah, and a beautiful specimen it is! Marcelle never understands the importance of legends, and that's why we bested her this day.
Anyway, I never would have succeeded without your assistance. Take this, with my compliments."

After the quest he can be further spoken to:

"One of these days, I'll figure out where I need to take the Daybreak Gem. Then the treasure of the Daybreak Monks will be mine! Perhaps I'll reach out to you, my friend. You're quite handy to have around when the going gets troublesome."
You don't know where this other treasure is hidden?
"Not a clue. I'm still in the information-gathering stage of the heist. Legends require a lot of research and study to fully uncover. But one day!
I will need to hide the gem, though. I don't want Marcelle to get too curious when she gets back."
You and your wife have a strange relationship.
"You think so? I suppose. We do have a healthy competitive streak, but it adds spice to our marriage. We really do love each other."
So what's next for you, Valentyn?
"Well, first I need to get off this damn island. Then that research I mentioned. And some relaxation. Always good to take time, especially after a successful heist.
I also want to plan something nice for when Marcelle gets home. Something romantic."
Something romantic?
"Most certainly! I learned a long time ago that some fine wine, a box of sweets, and a little romance take the edge off. Helps soothe Marcelle's murderous impulses after I win one of our competitions.
That's the secret to a happy marriage, my friend!"

As he leaves you, he says:

Valentyn Dantaine: "Until next time, my friend."


  • When looking for the South Key in the wilds of Amenos, Valentyn may get stuck and take damage from the traps, and you cannot speak with him as he is "too far away". ?
    • Moving out of the area will have Valentyn teleport to you and allow you to speak to him again.