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Online:Touch of the Draoife Body Marks

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"Auguries. Through stone and starlight, fire and ash, the Draoife glimpse the future—and act. And they gave you such wondrous markings. Oh, my friend, what secrets will you find in the wilds?"—Scholar Thaegara
Touch of the Draoife Body Marks
ON-icon-body marking-Touch of the Draoife Body Marks.png
Touch of the Draoife Body Marks
Type Body Marking
Acquired From Earthen Root Enclave Conqueror

The Touch of the Draoife Body Marks are awarded to players for completing the "Earthen Root Enclave Conqueror" achievement.



There is one achievement associated with this collectible.

Achievement Points Description
   Earthen Root Enclave Conqueror 10 Defeat the Corruption of Stone, Corruption of Root, and Archdruid Devyric in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.