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ON-icon-effect-Alchemy-Timidity.png Timidity
Type Offensive
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Chaurus Egg
Crimson Nirnroot
Vile Coagulant

Potion description: Grants you Minor Timidity, consuming [M] Ultimate every [D] seconds for [D] seconds. (45s cooldown)
Poison description: Inflicts Minor Timidity on your target, consuming [M] Ultimate every [D] seconds for [D] seconds. (10s cooldown)

The Timidity effect in a potion consumes the player's Ultimate over time. In poison, the effect consumes the target's Ultimate over time. Its opposing effect is Heroism Heroism.



Solvent Level Potion Immediate
1.5 sec.
Duration Triple
1.5 sec.
Natural Water 3 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngSip of Timidity 1 Ultimate 13.6 Sec. 1 Ultimate 18.8 sec.
Clear Water 10 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngTincture of Timidity 1 Ultimate 17 Sec. 1 Ultimate 22.2 sec.
Pristine Water 20 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngDram of Timidity 1 Ultimate 21.9 Sec. 1 Ultimate 27.1 sec.
Cleansed Water 30 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngPotion of Timidity 1 Ultimate 26.7 Sec. 1 Ultimate 31.9 sec.
Filtered Water 40 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngSolution of Timidity 1 Ultimate 31.6 Sec. 1 Ultimate 36.8 sec.
Purified Water Champion Points10 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngElixir of Timidity 1 Ultimate 37.4 Sec. 1 Ultimate 42.6 sec.
Cloud Mist Champion Points50 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngPanacea of Timidity 1 Ultimate 40.3 Sec. 1 Ultimate 45.5 sec.
Star Dew Champion Points100 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngDistillate of Timidity 1 Ultimate 44.2 Sec. 1 Ultimate 49.4 sec.
Lorkhan's Tears Champion Points150 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell Resist.pngEssence of Timidity 1 Ultimate 47.6 Sec. 1 Ultimate 52.8 sec.


Solvent Level Poison Damage
1.5 sec.
Duration Triple
Grease 3 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-1.pngTimidity Poison I 1 Ultimate 1.2 sec. 1.7 sec.
Ichor 10 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-1.pngTimidity Poison II 1 Ultimate 1.9 sec. 2.4 sec.
Slime 20 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-2.pngTimidity Poison III 1 Ultimate 2.6 sec. 3.1 sec.
Gall 30 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-3.pngTimidity Poison IV 1 Ultimate 3.3 sec. 3.8 sec.
Terebinthine 40 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-4.pngTimidity Poison V 1 Ultimate 4 sec. 4.5 sec.
Pitch-Bile Champion Points10 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-5.pngTimidity Poison VI 1 Ultimate 4.2 sec. 4.7 sec.
Tarblack Champion Points50 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-5.pngTimidity Poison VII 1 Ultimate 4.6 sec. 5.1 sec.
Night-Oil Champion Points100 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-5.pngTimidity Poison VIII 1 Ultimate 5.2 sec. 5.7 sec.
Alkahest Champion Points150 ON-icon-poison-Violet 1-5.pngTimidity Poison IX 1 Ultimate 5.5 sec. 6 sec.


Single EffectEdit

Chaurus Egg Crimson Nirnroot
Chaurus Egg Vile Coagulant
Crimson Nirnroot Vile Coagulant