Online:Thorvar Voljar

Elder Scrolls Online: People / Vendors
Thorvar Voljar
Home City The Hollow City
Store The Shining Star
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Brewer
Thorvar Voljar

Thorvar Voljar is a Nord brewer found in The Shining Star inn in the Hollow City. He is present in the city at the start, implying that he was one of the original inhabitants, kept alive since the early First Era. He bears the same name as the famous Voljar's Meadery in Eastmarch.


When spoken to he can be asked about the Groundskeeper.

"Welcome, friend. I come from a long line of master brewers, and I guarantee that my beverages are the best you'll ever drink in this horrid land."

As more people arrive in the city, he will instead greet you with:

"Thanks to the stable portals, for once I'm in no danger of running out of supplies."

After the Planemeld ends:

"I've decided to stick around. Help turn the Hollow City back into a proper city. Who cares if it just happens to be in the middle of Coldharbour? That just adds a bit of character to the place."
Do you know the Groundskeeper?
"Of course I know the Groundskeeper! We're like peas in a pod! We'd all be lost without her."
What can you tell me about her?
"Well, to be honest, not very much. She must have been in the city when we were transported here, but I don't remember seeing her before that.
But don't worry, she helps us a lot. Without her, I don't think we'd have survived as long as we have."