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Deep in the Dragontail Mountains of Hammerfell is the almost-inaccessible Valley of Blades, where Redguards devoted to the mastery of the sword seek to revive ancient secrets.
The Valley of Blades
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Dragontail Mountains
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The Valley of Blades

The Valley of Blades is a secluded valley in the Dragontail Mountains of Hammerfell.

The complex was nearly destroyed by Mannimarco during the quest, Valley of Blades. When you return during the Dragonhold prologue quest, The Dragonguard's Legacy, you'll discover it is being reconstructed by Kasura and her students.

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The Valley of Blades under reconstruction

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  • After the Dragonhold prologue quests you can travel there with the horse next to Hinzuur.
  • Several prologue quest related books can be found in the upper story of the southeastern building after the quest. Three uses of the grappling bow are needed if one starts with the grappling post located on the corner of the eastern building.


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