Online:The Thief (champion)

Elder Scrolls Online: Champion

The ThiefEdit

The TowerEdit


Under the Thief's influence, the Tower raises your Stamina and makes you more efficient with Spells and Abilities.

Champion Abilities Effect
ON-champion-Star 01.png Bashing Focus Reduces the cost of Bash by [0-35]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Siphoner Reduces all resource restore effects of enemies you hit with Light or Heavy Attacks by [0-15]% for 3 seconds including potions, item sets and ability passives as well as Health/Magicka/Stamina regeneration. Only relevant in PvP.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Sprinter Reduces the cost of Sprinting by [0-35]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Warlord Reduces the cost of Break Free by [0-25]%.
Passive Unlocks Rank Effect
ON-champion-Star 02.png Ensnare 10 Grants a 33% chance to reduce an enemy's Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds any time you hit them with a bash attack.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Inspiration Boost 30 Increases Inspiration gains by 20%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Mara's Gift 75 When killed heal all allies in a 8 meter radius for [x].
ON-champion-Star 02.png War Mount 120 Improves your mastery with mounts, removing all Stamina costs outside of combat.

The LoverEdit


Under the Thief's influence, the Lover gives you Stamina and accelerates your Regeneration.

Champion Abilities Effect
ON-champion-Star 01.png Arcanist Increases your Magicka Recovery by [0-15]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Healthy Increases your Health Recovery by [0-15]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Mooncalf Increases your Stamina Recovery by [0-15]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Tenacity Increases the amount of Magicka and Stamina your Heavy Attacks restore by [0-15]%.
Passive Unlocks Rank Effect
ON-champion-Star 02.png Plentiful Harvest 10 Grants you a 10% chance to double the yield from normal resource nodes.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Synergizer 30 Grants 2 Ultimate any time you activate a Synergy while in combat.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Master Gatherer 75 Reduces gathering times by 50%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Windrunning 120 Increases your Movement Speed and Mounted Speed by 2%. Also increases Health and Magicka Recovery by 10% while sprinting.

The ShadowEdit


Under the Thief's influence, the Shadow grants you Stamina and helps you Elude your enemies.

Champion Abilities Effect
ON-champion-Star 01.png Befoul Increases the effectiveness of healing reduction abilities by [0-55]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Shade Reduces the cost of Stealth by [0-35]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Shadow Ward Reduces the cost of Block by [0-25]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Tumbling Reduces the Stamina cost of Roll Dodge by [0-25]%.
Passive Unlocks Rank Effect
ON-champion-Star 02.png Fortune Seeker 10 Increases the amount of gold you find in treasure chests and safeboxes by 50%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Merchant Favored 30 Reduces the cost of armor repairs by 10%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Treasure Hunter 75 Increases the quality of items you find in treasure chests.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Shadowstrike 120 After killing a target with a Heavy Attack enter stealth for 2.5 seconds. This can only happen once every 5 seconds.