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Online:The Only Record of Our Plan

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Book Information
The Only Record of Our Plan
ID 7187
Collection Library of Incunabula
Found in the following locations:
The Only Record of Our Plan

My fellow Firesong,

This is the start of all we hope to achieve. The future we dream of begins today and I won't tolerate any foolish mistakes that hinder our goals.

Your duties, so that no one has the audacity to interrupt me, are as follows.

Ensure none of the Stonelore gain the confidence to rise up against us.
Clear my way to the spirits this enclave hosts.
Help corrupt the spirits so they tell us the seed's location.
Find the seed.
Kill every last Stonelore in the enclave.
Do not kill all of the Stonelore before we have the seed, as we may need one to recover it.
Return to Y'ffelon with the Stonelore sacred seed in our possession.

Now that I've patiently recorded our plan for the first and last time, remember it well. Any and all failures on the day of our strike will be met with extreme punishment.

Archdruid Devyric