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Help Cyrodilic Collections locate the cursed skull of Beela-Kaar.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Concordia Mercius in Stormhold
Location(s): Sunscale Strand, Hissmir, Hatching Pools, Slaver Camp, Gandranen Ruins, Norg-Tzel
Prerequisite Quest: Ruthless Competition
Next Quest: Anti-Venom Agitation, A Taste for Toxins, Bug Off!, Reeling in Recruits, Salty Meats, The Winds of Kyne
Reward: Murkmire Grave Stake
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 3245
The Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar
Concordia Mercius of Cyrodilic Collections needs my help to stop Margus Derius and the Blackguards from obtaining the Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Concordia Mercius at her camp in Stormhold.
  2. Speak to Jee-Lar.
  3. Gather additional information.
  4. Find the pieces of a map to a forbidden island.
  5. Locate the Blackguards' ship and board it.
  6. Explore the island.
  7. Enter the xanmeer and stop Margus Derius' ritual.
  8. Defeat the relic guardian and retrieve the relic.
  9. Return to Stormhold and speak to Concordia.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Concordia Mercius tells you to talk to Jee-Lar, who sends you off in search of three Argonian experts. Unfortunately, the Blackguards have gotten to them all first, and you may have to fight your way past a couple of Blackguards to talk to them. They are collectively to be found in the wilderness in the center, south and southeast of Shadowfen.

Return to Jee-Lar, who will send you off to search for two pieces of a map. Jee-Lar says that he will find the third piece. The two pieces you end up chasing have both ended up in places where their Blackguard owners have found things too hot to handle. One has been killed by the slavers of the Slaver Camp not far north of Chid-Moska Ruins. This Slaver Camp is technically a group World Event, which is dangerous to handle alone. However you don't have to fight the boss, as the map piece (and the bodies of two Blackguards) are on the edge of the camp, and can be approached fairly easily in stealth. The second piece you have to chase lies within Gandranen Ruins, where the Blackguards have fallen foul of its Fenlord.

After that, you need to return to Stormhold to talk to Concordia Mercius. Fortunately, Jee-Lar has found the third piece of the map and brought it back with him. Now, Concordia has all three pieces of the map. She can't make heads or tails of them, but your own previous research from the captured Argonians works together with the map pieces to point to a Blackguard expedition near Deep Graves, right on the southern edge of Shadowfen. The boat is some way south of Deep Graves, in close proximity to a skyshard and the Atronach Mundus Stone When you get to the boat, you'll find that Jee-Lar got there first. He asks you to convince the pilot to take you there. Fortunately, the poor man doesn't need much convincing, as the Blackguards do not inspire much loyalty in their followers. He takes you to Norg-Tzel without any issue, which is fortunate, as his boat is the only way there and back.

The Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar

The island itself is comparatively small, filled with typical Black Marsh wildlife. There are four Blackguard dig sites which you have the option of investigating. Three of them are guarded by two Blackguards each, with a set of peremptory instructions demanding that they find a "meditation cylinder" - which they've already found. The Blackguards at the fourth dig site are already dead, having been killed by a Bog Blight, although the meditation cylinder they were evidently seeking is also already gone. Near their corpses is a book, The Curse of Beela-Kaar.

A small xanmeer is at the northern end of the island. Fight your way through the tunnels, past Blackguards, Bog Blights, Swarming Zombies, and a monster called Yakh-Xul the Destroyer, until you reach the entrance to the Ritual Chamber. Within this chamber, Margus Derius is killed by his own ritual: after which you will have to disengage the four Ritual Cylinders, which came from the four dig sites you found earlier. Each cylinder will summon an increasing number of Bog Blights and Swarming Zombies in waves before you can disengage it. Disengaging the fourth cylinder releases a powerful but slow creature: the Guardian of the Cursed Skull. You must defeat the Guardian to gain access to the Golden Skull's chamber, although if you're particularly stealthy you can try sneaking past him instead. Grab the skull and head out through the shortcut, then the boat's pilot will return you directly to Stormhold where you can talk to Concordia Mercius for your reward: a large amount of gold, the collectible Murkmire Grave Stake, and the ability to take daily fetch-quests from Jee-Lar, who is conveniently standing near Stormhold's Wayshrine.


  • It's possible that the Cursed Skull will clip through the pedestal and end up inside it making it impossible to select.
    • Logging off and back on might reset the skull on top of the pedestal without sending you back to the beginning of the dungeon.

Quest StagesEdit

The Cursed Skull
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find Jee-Lar down by the water and see if he can direct me to local Argonians who may have knowledge of the Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar.
Objective: Talk to Jee-Lar
Jee-Lar asked me to interview the Argonians on the list he provided while he talks to a few others. We need to see if the Blackguards approached them so we can figure out what Margus plans to do next.
Objective: Talk to Taxatl
Objective: Talk to Dus-Geet
Objective: Talk to Peesha
I spoke to all of the Argonians on my list and found out that Margus is looking for a place called Norg-Tzel to perform a ritual that will reveal the location of the cursed skull. I should return to Jee-Lar and compare notes.
Objective: Talk to Jee-Lar
Jee-Lar learned that three Blackguards carry pieces of a map that, once combined, show the location of where their expedition ship is moored. I need to recover two of the map pieces while Jee-Lar goes after the third.
Objective: Find the Blackguards' Map Pieces
I should return to Concordia's camp outside Stormhold and see if she can make sense of these map pieces I found.
Objective: Talk to Concordia Mercius
Concordia assembled a map from the pieces that Jee-Lar and I recovered. With the map and the information I received from the Argonian slaves, I should be able to find the Blackguard expedition ship along the river near Deep Graves.
Objective: Locate the Blackguard Ship
I located the Blackguards' expedition ship. Now I need to find Jee-Lar and discuss our next move with him.
Objective: Talk to Jee-Lar
I need to sneak aboard the Blackguards' ship and convince the pilot to take us to the forbidden island, Norg-Tzel.
Objective: Commandeer the Blackguards' Ship
Now that we reached the island, we need to look around and find Margus and the Blackguards.
Objective: Explore Norg-Tzel
I need to explore the island and find Margus Derius. I should also look around and see if I can determine what the Blackguards are up to.
Objective: Find Margus Derius
Optional Step: Investigate the Blackguards' Dig Sites
Jee-Lar thinks that Margus Derius has entered the xanmeer to perform the ritual that will unleash the power of the cursed skull. I should enter the xanmeer and find him.
Objective: Enter the Xanmeer
I can hear Margus Derius. He's definitely started the ritual. I need to reach him.
Objective: Enter the Ritual Chamber
I entered the ritual chamber. Now I need to put an end to Margus's ritual.
Objective: Disrupt the Ritual
The ritual consumed Margus Derius, but I still have to stop it. Jar-Lee suggests that I need to disengage each cylinder to deactivate the flow of energy.
Objective: Disengage the Ritual Cylinder
Objective Hint: Kill the Rising Dead
Now I need to disengage the second ritual cylinder.
Objective: Disengage the Ritual Cylinder
Objective Hint: Kill the Rising Dead
Now I need to disengage the third ritual cylinder.
Objective: Disengage the Ritual Cylinder
Objective Hint: Kill the Rising Dead
Now I need to disengage the fourth ritual cylinder and that should end the flow of energy and stop the ritual.
Objective: Disengage the Ritual Cylinder
Objective Hint: Kill the Rising Dead
Disengaging the ritual cylinders unlocked a door at the back of the chamber and revealed the hiding place of the cursed skull. I need to defeat the final guardian before I can claim the relic.
Objective: Take the Golden Skull
Now that I stopped Margus Derius and retrieved the Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar, I should return to the boat and leave this forbidden island.
Objective: Return to Concordia Mercius
Objective Hint: Talk to the Pilot
Now that I'm back in Shadowfen, I should return to Concordia's camp outside Stormhold. I need to tell her what happened at Norg-Tzel.
Objective: Talk to Concordia Mercius
☑Finishes quest I should give the Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar to Concordia and Cyrodilic Collections for safekeeping.
Objective: Talk to Concordia Mercius