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ON-Icon-Transparent Logo.png This page contains deprecated information about Elder Scrolls Online content.
The content described here was removed from the game after one of the updates.

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Book Information
ID 3205
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Collection Daedric Cults
The Blessings of Hircine
A call for Bosmer to follow the will of Hircine

This book was removed from the game after several updates and may not reflect current lore.

It is the will of Hircine that the Bosmer become as we were in the Dawn Age. Before Y'ffre trapped us in a single shape, before he told us our story and took away our freedom.

The gift of Hircine is the gift of a second shape. The sacrament of Hircine is the scent of prey on the wind, the taste of blood on the tongue. Praise Hircine and his Houndsmen! Rise up and reject the tyranny of shape and story!