Home City Rimmen
Store Rimmen Stables
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Stablemaster

Tesusah is a Khajiit stablemaster who runs the stables in Rimmen.


"There are many varieties of senche-cat steeds. Senche-lions are common in Anequina, but you'll find more senche-leopards down in Pellitine."
"Senche-mounts have just as much of a sweet tooth as a Khajiit. Add a little moon-sugar to its meat, and you will have a contented steed."
"There must be a bond between the senche-mount and those who wish to ride them. Otherwise, you will find them most unwilling steeds."
"It is this one's dream to one day ride a moonlight senche-tiger. They are said to be a most beautiful and wondrous steed."