Online: Tamriel Expert Adventurer

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ON-icon-stolen-Flag.png Tamriel Expert Adventurer
Type Quests Achievements
Points 50
Title Tamriel Hero
Complete all of the quest achievements across Tamriel.

Tamriel Expert Adventurer is awarded for completing all of the quest achievements in the Alliance zones and Cyrodiil.

For the Alliance zones, it is not necessary to complete every quest in every zone, as there are always extras. The main quests in each zone are also not required, but will count towards your totals. Most types of quests will count, but repeatable ones will only count the first time. Crafting Writs do not count at all, nor do the Main Quest or quests (repeatable or otherwise) for the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, or Undaunted (though Group Dungeon quests do count). Quests in the starter zones will not count, nor will quests in Coldharbour, Craglorn, or any of the DLC zones (or other quests associated with the DLCs even if they take place in Alliance zones).

The Cyrodiil quests are different, in that there is a fixed set of 10 PvE quests which must be completed in each of the five major cities. Randomized quests in the wilderness and PvP quests do not count.

The total number of quests for each Alliance and Cyrodiil are as follows:

Alliance Quests
Aldmeri Dominion 200
Daggerfall Covenant 233
Ebonheart Pact 269
Cyrodiil 50
Total: 752