Home City Mistral
Location Near the Boatman's Tail
Rimmen Artisans District Elsweyr
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral (Mistral)
Friendly (Rimmen)
Pickpocket Medium Profession Commoner

Tahara is a Khajiit commoner who can be found in Mistral, near the Boatman's Tail. She can be overheard shouting to her captivated audience about Burtle—her exotic exhibit from far-off lands.

She re-appears in Rimmen with an flier posted advertising her show being held in the Artisans District. However, one of her more dangerous exhibits has escaped and she'll need help getting it back to continue her show.

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Periodically you can listen to her trying to attract onlookers:

Tahara: "Come and see from the distant shores of Glenumbra , a real live dog!"
Tahara: "Do not worry, it is safely caged!"
Tahara: "Tahara would not let it tear the flesh from your bones!"
Tahara: "Marvel at its slavering maw!"
Tahara: "Be disgusted by its cold oozing nose!"
Tahara: "In Daggerfall, packs of these horrible monsters roam the streets at night, and prey upon the unwary!"
Tahara: "My own father, Divines save his soul, was torn to pieces by just such a pack."
Tahara: "Can you not feel the hatred that burns within its belly? Bars barely contain its hunger!"
Tahara: "For five gold, gaze into its eyes, peer into the face of death itself!"
Tahara: "For ten, place your hands upon its fur, feel the muscle of a true killing machine!"

When spoken to, she will warn you away from the beast.

"Keep some distance from the beast. It is only my long exposure to it that allows me to tolerate the smell."
Appears only with Elsweyr

Scariest in ShowEdit

Tahara's Traveling Menagerie–Beasts, both tamed and terrifying, await!

When you first meet her in the Rimmen Artisan's district, she can be overheard muttering, "Ooo, I hope no one is hurt." as you approach.

Speaking with Tahara, she will apologize that her menagerie and show are momentarily closed. As you learn more about what has happened she'll ask for your help tracking down an escaped beast:

"A hundred apologies, walker, but the show is postponed for now. If you purchased a ticket, this one will gladly refund your gold."
Is there a problem?
"Forgive Tahara. Her worry gets the better of her.
One of my menagerie's most terrifying beasts escaped from its cage! I turned my back for only a moment to speak to an onlooker, you see? And pow! The monster burst free!"
What kind of monster are we talking about?
"A vicious beast, with ravening jaws and beady black eyes! The Breton Tahara bought it from called the creature Burtle, but do not let its silly name fool you.
You seem capable. If you find Burtle, I will gladly share some of my profits with you."
All right, I'll find this Burtle and bring it back.

Before you leave to search, you can ask for more information on your quarry:

"This one is humbled by your generosity, walker. She will see you fully compensated for the danger of this task!"
I have more questions about this monster.
"Of course. Tahara will answer what she can. I warn you, though. You may learn more than you'd like. Tales of Burtle can rattle your very soul!"
Can you describe Burtle in detail? I need to know what I'm looking for.
"Yes, yes, of course.
It stalks on four clawed feet, standing as high at the shoulder as Tahara is at her waist. Its fur is blood-burnished gold, and its floppy ears dangle like curtains at the cheek—framing a muzzle filled with yellow teeth!"
Are you … describing a dog?
"Yes! Oh walker, you will never meet a more fearsome creature! To think, the noble wolf bred into such a compact frame of death and horror!
In the Khajiiti tongue, Ta'agra, the word for dog means death! Can you believe that?"
Dog means death? Really?
"Well … no. Dog just means dog. But still, you know what Tahara is telling you!"

Once you return after recapturing the threat, she'll greet you with:

"My hero returns with the dread Burtle in tow!
Surely, the creature is under some powerful spell. Your magicks astound even me!"
Right …. I have your dog.
"Indeed you do! The Gorger of Glenumbra, captured once more! Its bestial intellect swayed by the promise of grisly table scraps!
Ziss'vo, could you work with me here? It's part of the mystique. Just take your gold and act astounded, all right?"

She'll then start her shill:

Tahara : "The Gorger of Glenumbra returns! Feast your eyes upon his rippling musculature, before he regains his appetites and feasts upon us all!"

If you speak to her again, she'll say:

"Thank you again for finding my dog. No easy task, wrangling a feral man-eater like Burtle!
But in all seriousness, keep his gentle disposition a secret, yes? Walkers do not pay to see dopey, good-natured mongrels."
So, this was all just part of the show?
"What? No, of course not! Well, not at first, anyway. Tahara did not mean for Burtle to escape, but show business relies on happy accidents, yes?
A savage dog loose in the city? A sleek hero to pursue it? High drama, walker!"
You think this will increase sales?
"I know it will! Just as long as you keep our little secret to yourself.
The truth, my friend, is that truth is boring. Sour! We all need a dash of sweet excitement from time to time, yes? Yes!"

If you return to the plaza after completing the quest, Tahara and her menagerie will have left Rimmen.