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Sylvian Herius
Home City Cheydinhal
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Sylvian Herius

Sylvian Herius is an Imperial rebel leader fighting the Legion for control of Cheydinhal. He is one of two daily questgivers in Cheydinhal, the other being Vyctoria Girien. However, he sees Vyctoria as a latecomer who is trying to steal his glory.

Related QuestsEdit


"Once we defeat the Imperials, we can start rebuilding Cheydinhal. We must re-take this town!"
Why are you fighting?
"For domination! This is a battle for control of Cheydinhal, winner take all. The Empire collapsed and their troops went rogue. They thought they owned this town, but we've shown them. We're going to win this war, no matter what it takes!"
What sparked the fighting?
"I did! I could take the degradation no longer and rallied the town to my banner. Latecomers like Vyctoria have tried to steal some of my glory, but this is my rebellion. I will lead us to victory!"

A Debt Come DueEdit

The Imperials are well-trained.
"Indeed. Imperial lieutenants serve as masters-at-arms, keeping the army always ready for battle. Eliminating a lieutenant would damage enemy morale and make our task much easier. Can you do it?"
I accept the challenge.

Speaking after accepting the quest:

"I await news of your success. Howls of dismay from across the river would be nice."

Upon quest turn-in:

"Seems to be no end to this conflict. Cutting the head off the snake would help our cause tremendously."
One head has been removed.
"Good. I hope we can take advantage of the confusion you've caused. But we must act soon, as they will quickly promote a new lieutenant from the ranks."

Bloodied WatersEdit

Anything I can do to help?
"Imperial archers posted on the river banks have made crossing impossible. If your troops make it across, we might be able to push back the Imperials. We need those archers eliminated!"
You want me to take them out?
"I want someone to take them out. I don't care who does it or how. But whoever does will be well rewarded."
I'll do it.

Speaking after accepting the quest:

"Dead archers are much less effective than live ones. Keep that in mind."

Upon quest turn-in:

"Yes? Is it done?"
The archers should be less of a problem now.
"Good. Seeing Imperials floating downstream brightens my day. The reward is yours."

For Piety's SakeEdit

How can I help?
"The troops like to know the gods are on their side. I am not a pious man, but I understand the need for reassurance. There is a small shrine to the west. Would you deliver the troops' petitions to the gods?"

Speaking after accepting the quest:

"The gods are fickle and not known for their patience. Please deliver those petitions."

Quest turn-in

"There's no one so superstitious as a soldier on the eve of battle."
I delivered the petitions, despite an Imperial ambush.
"I will tell the troops; morale will improve greatly. Sometimes I feel more like a nursemaid than a troop commander."


Any tasks for me?
"I would sacrifice much to free Cheydinhal, but there is something I hope not to lose. Hidden in the cathedral across the river, I left an ancient strongbox. Inside is a treasured heirloom of my family. Retrieve it for me and I will reward you."
I'll look for your heirloom.

Speaking after accepting the quest:

"That heirloom isn't going to walk over here by itself."

Bringing the heirloom back:

"Having that heirloom back will lift my spirits more than a cartful of dead Imperials."
I found it.
"I'm amazed the Imperials hadn't stolen it already. I suspect they left it in hopes of trapping me if I came to get it. You foiled that plan. Well done."

Stacking the OddsEdit

How do you plan to win?
"Information is key. We have a spy cross the river, in Imperial territory. We need to give him new orders.
Will you deliver this note to him?"
I'll do it.

Speaking to him after accepting the quest:

"You still have the note. It needs to be delivered!"

Upon quest turn in:

"Did you find him and deliver my orders?"
I did. But he left me to die over there.
"Of course. He couldn't risk being captured.
You lived to tell the tale. I hear gold heals all wounds."