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A Storm Mage

Storm Mages are a class of hostile NPCs who attack using shock magic abilities. They are easily identifiable as they carry a staff with lightning effects at the end.

Types of Storm MagesEdit

Location Name Race Gender Health
Bisnensel Rain Disciple Tempest Altmer Varies 29870
Shad Astula Entranced Storm Novice Dunmer Varies 29870
Northwind Mine, Secluded SewersThieves Guild Stonetalon Initiate Breton Varies 31364

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


A basic ranged attack that does minor shock damage.

Thunder ThrallEdit

The enemy teleports to you and summons a bolt of lightning that strikes a large area around itself. This attack does moderate shock damage to all players as indicated by the red circle. This attack can be avoided by moving out of the red circle.

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