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Spinner Gwilon
Location Ouze
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Spinner Gwilon

Spinner Gwilon is a Bosmer Spinner found near the Valeguard Wayshrine. He asks for you help in saving Spinner Indinael from the Worm Cult.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

He can initially be found on the road near Ouze.

"Please help! The Worm Cult's got her!"
Got who?
"Spinner Indinael tried to stop the Worm Cult from defiling this burial site. They took her! I saw her near the center of Ouze, held captive at one of the altars.
I can't imagine what they'll do to her if someone doesn't stop them!"
What's a spinner doing at a burial site?
"We guard the ancient burial site of Ouze from those who'd disturb the spirits. But that part of the story's not important yet! You have to save her!
Go along the road. Look for the altar in the water. Please!"
All right, I'll look for Spinner Indinael.

Speaking to him again:

"You have to get past the Worm Cult. Spinner Indinael needs help!"

Outside the Cave of Ouze:

"We finally decided to disobey Spinner Indinael, and it's a good thing we did! Endrith and I saw the cultists carrying a body inside the cave, here.
We have no weapons! We can't fight the least of the undead, let alone the cultists!"

After speaking to Spinner Endrith:

"The totem of Y'ffre is a thing of legend, with many tales woven into its essence. If you use it to fight the Worm Cult's creation, you may yet survive.
Spinner Indinael is counting on you. I hope both of your stories will come to a safe conclusion."

With the freed spirit of Spinner Indinael:

"Thank you for saving Spinner Indinael's spirit from the Worm Cult. If she'd remained a lich, we'd all be doomed."

Once you have rescued Indineal and spoken to her, she'll ask that you speak to Gwilon:

"The Worm Cult can dig in the mire all they want! Ouze is protected from their necromancy, thanks to you."
Will you be taking over for Spinner Indinael?
"It's my duty. Her spirit will linger a little while longer, along with the Oathbreakers disturbed by the Worm Cult. I'll have to use that time to learn as much as I can.
Once the cultists leave, all of the spirits can enjoy their endless rest again."

After the quest:

"Ouze is safe from the Worm Cult. All we need to do is keep our heads down for a while.
They'll give up or wake enough of the guardians to get themselves killed. Works for me, either way."
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