Elder Scrolls Online: People
Location East of Murkwater
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Shadowscales

Silent-Moss is an Argonian Shadowscale who can be found near Murkwater. You'll first find him crouched down behind a boulder as you approach the settlement just east of the road.

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Quest Related DialogueEdit

When you approach him, he can be heard exclaiming: "Curse the Dominion! If only we had more agents..."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Keep your voice down. The Dominion has taken Murkwater. We can't afford to be caught."


If you have speken to Padeehei in Hissmir, you can tell him so:

Padeehei said the Aldmeri Dominion landed nearby.
"Ah, yes! Padeehei. That one is stronger than she knows. She hid from the Dominion soldiers for days before we snuck her out.
I'm glad you're here. There's plenty that needs doing."

Scales of RetributionEdit

"Those Dominion dogs will pay for what they've done to these people." (if spoken to after completing Overrun)
What are they doing here?
"Murkwater is a simple fishing village, but the Ayleid once called it home. Ancient artifacts and dark secrets hide beneath the swamp.
Agents went in to uncover the Dominion's purpose. Batar-Meej, Nuwisha, and Radithax. They haven't returned."
Do you think they've been captured?
"I'm certain of it. If you can find and rescue them, meet us at our rendezvous on the hillside overlooking Murkwater.
We need to know what our Shadowscales learned. The Dominion must expect a powerful prize to send a force this large."
I'll do what I can.
"Step lightly. The Dominion fills the swamp like rotted weeds."
Where is the Dominion keeping your friends?
"I spotted Batar-Meej tied up over there. And I heard Nuwisha's voice coming from the cave nearby.
As for Radithax, he must be deeper in the Dominion's camp."
What's your stake in this?
"We're Shadowscales, born under the sign of the Shadow and trained as assassins from birth.
We're called upon to sway the balance of power, or right wrongs, in and around Black Marsh."
Why are assassins fighting Dominion soldiers?
"We officially hold allegiance to no one. But we're Argonians, and if the Dominion steals treasures from our land to establish a seat of power, we must stop them.
Though … we're somewhat out of our element here."

After retrieving the Relleis Lor keystone:

Silent-Moss: "I have new orders from Pale-Heart, come speak to me at the excavation site."

At the excavation site:

"Don't worry about Haj-Tulm, I'll patch her up.
Did you find the keystone? Pale-Heart is eager to proceed."
Yes, I found it.
"Very good, Pale-Heart will be pleased.
Are you ready to take back the town from those Dominion scum?"
I'm ready.
"We've learned that the Dominion brought a large shipment of crystallized fire salts. These salts are highly flammable.
We want you to assault their ship, collect the fire salts and then spread them around the river."
Sounds easy enough.
"If that's not enough, why not kill their leaders? Velelya and Khasar-dro command the Dominion forces from the ship.
Now is our best chance to create confusion among their ranks."
What will you be doing during all of this?
"The Shadowscales are going to systematically kill every Dominion soldier we can get our hands on once the river is on fire.
We are currently studying their troop movements and getting our agents into position."

After receiving these instructions:

"Collect the fire salts and kill the invasion's leaders. They'll be thrown into disarray.
Once we set fire to the river, the attack will begin."

After killing the leaders and collecting fire salts:

"You've done excellent work. Our agents are in place; all that's left is to set fire to the river.
Once the river is ablaze, we'll strike hard from the shadows and take back Murkwater. Are you ready?"
I'm ready.
"You should have the honor of lighting the fire, after all you've done for us.
I've stacked up a pile of wood, light the remaining fire salts and set everything ablaze."
What should I do when the fire is lit?
"Pale-Heart requested you return to her. Leave the fighting to us, and we will live up to your previous example.
Now, light the fire! Show them how Shadowscales return a favor."

After receiving these instructions:

"What are you waiting for? Light the fire."

After the quest, he can be found with the other Shadowscales and the survivors:

"Seeing you in action was a privilege, friend."