Online:Shaman (NPC class)

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A Shaman

Shamans are a class of hostile humanoid NPCs that attack using both melee and nature magic abilities. They are usually equipped with a dagger.

Types of ShamansEdit

Location Name Race Gender Health
Bangkorai Dark Witness Shaman Breton Varies 29870
Bisnensel Rain Disciple Bewitcher Orc Varies 29870
Eastmarch Stormfist Shaman Orc Varies 29870
Northern Elsweyr Moon-Sentinel Shaman Khajiit Varies 29870

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Coiled LashEdit

A basic ranged attack that does minor magic damage.

Quick StrikeEdit

A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.

Summon Aura of ProtectionEdit

The enemy summons an Aura of Protection totem that gives nearby allies increased resistance to damage. The totem can be destroyed in five hits from any source or one heavy attack. Destroying the totem will stun all enemies nearby.