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Seythen Rendo
Location Esutanamus
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Seythen Rendo

Seythen Rendo is a Dunmer and the son of Barys and Ninave Rendo, currently lost at the ruin of Esutanamus.

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Rising to RetainerEdit

As you approach the shrine, you'll hear him exclaim:

Seythen Rendo : "Where is it? Where is she?"
Seythen Rendo : "Not again!"

As you reach his location, he'll call out:

Seythen Rendo : "Hey! Over here!"

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Someone without wings and razor-sharp teeth! There's a sight for sore eyes."
Seythen Rendo? Your parents sent me.
"That's me! Seythen Rendo, explorer extraordinaire!
My parents are worried? Typical. My mother barely trusts me to push a broom, let alone investigate a ruin. Of course, things could be better. I've attracted the attention of some winged twilights."
What do you mean, attracted?
"Every time I try to make my escape, they swoop down on my head—not to hurt me, mind you. They just sort of tussle my hair with their claws and push me back into the ruins, cooing all the while.
I think they see me as some kind of pet."
I'll distract them. You make a run for it.
"A daring escape! You'll have to slay them, eh? Pity. Of course, I did see them tear an Ashlander apart as he wandered by, so I won't shed too many tears.
I'll make a run for it. We can meet up west of here, towards Vos. Be careful!"
Get ready. I'll distract them.

He'll run off a ways, then suddenly scream:

Seythen Rendo : "Agh! The matriarch is coming! Be careful! I'll run straight back to Vos!"

Near Vos, you'll find him speaking to his father:

Seythen Rendo : "You came after me? You're getting as bad as mother. I'm not a child!"
Barys Rendo : "Believe me, I'd rather be bagging our crop, but you know how your mother is. She won't give me a moment's peace."
Seythen Rendo : "Fine …. I just need a breather."

Seythen leans against a nearby tree, refusing to speak anymore.