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Sewer Tenement
Discoverable No
Dungeon No
# of Zones 1
Owned Yes
Restricted Yes
Quest Chain
Dark Brotherhood
Loading Screen
With war raging across Tamriel, the displaced and dispossessed become ever more desperate in their search for safe havens. After enough hard luck and danger, even the sewers can seem like an acceptable refuge.

The Sewer Tenement is a sewer system that serves as a sacrament location. You'll be taken here by Speaker Terenus during the related quest. Inside the tenement you will encounter one of the following groups of enemies: Baandari peddlers, Gold Coast Trading Company members, or Resolutes of Stendarr.

Possible sacrament targets are: Alard Cerone, Andilo Andrano, Aojee-Ei, Dolwinora, Geon Alinie, Herminius Andus, Lamzakha, and Talrahal.

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Sewer Tenement
Sewer Tenement hidden rooms
Sewer Tenement marked target locations
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