Online:Severus Tappo

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Severus Tappo
Location Lake south of Kingscrest Cavern
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 173447
Reaction Friendly
Hostile (After conversation)
Class Nightblade
Severus Tappo

Severus Tappo is an Imperial assassin found at the lake located south of Kingscrest Cavern, near the site of Cyrodiil Treasure Map XIII. (map) He will be sharpening his blades, and there is a boat, lantern, and a few sacks next to him. If he is spoken to, the end result will be that he turns hostile, and reading the Journal Page recovered from his body will begin the quest The List.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The List: Return murder victims' belongings to their loved ones.


"What are you doing here? Get away, this is my place!"
Why so jumpy?
"None of your business. You know what happens to folks who stick their noses into my affairs?"
No, what?
"They end up dead. Dead and left out for animals to eat. You like that? Maybe I'll take an ear to remember you by. Sound good to you?"
Try it.