Online:Seneschal Adar

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Seneschal Adar
Home City Sentinel
Location Sentinel Palace
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Clothier
Seneschal Adar
Old look

Seneschal Adar is a Redguard clothier acting as King Fahara'jad's bodyguard while he is in his palace in the city of Sentinel.


His manner towards you will depend on whether you have dealt with the undead threat at the Sentinel Docks.

He will be curt with you while the Ra-Netu still roam the docks.

"You address the seneschal of King Fahara'jad's court. Spare me your foreign preambles and tell me your business here."
Have I offended you?
"If my tone was overly sharp you have my apologies. I am receiving hourly reports on the situation at the docks. It is … grim."
Is it that bad?
"Worse. If you find yourself on the docks, I'd ask that you lend a hand. Our guards are outmatched, and may not be able to hold out much longer."

After you have stopped the necromancer responsible for the docks, he will warmly welcome you to court.

"Well met, champion. Your deeds on the docks have done the city a service. You take a great risk in striking the Ra-Netu, but perhaps Tu'whacca's curse does not extend to outsiders. Bah! A matter for priests."
Tu'whacca's curse?
"Yes. Tu'whacca, the caretaker of souls. He does not look kindly on those who would strike his honored children. At least this is what I was taught. In such times … even my faith is shaken."
Something had to be done.
"I do not dispute this. I only hope for your sake that the Tricky God feels the same."