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Online:Scrawl of the Arcanist Visage

Elder Scrolls Online: Head Markings
Scholars endlessly dispute the concepts hidden among text fragments of The Arcanist's Path. Ancient secrets? Troves of forbidden knowledge? Or, as claimed by one notable arcanist, the particular ingredients for an herbal tea blend?
Scrawl of the Arcanist Visage
Scrawl of the Arcanist Visage
Type Head Marking
Acquired From Ascent of the Arcanist Reweard Bundle
Availability July 18, 2023 - July 28, 2023

The Scrawl of the Aracanist Visage is a head marking obtainable as part of the Ascent of the Arcanist Reward Bundle, available during a promotional period in July 2023 to players who had purchased the Necrom Chapter and obtained the Neophyte Researcher achievement.[1]. It matches the Scrawl of the Arcanist Tattoos.