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Rozag gro-Khazun
Location South of Grimfield
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Seamount Clan
Rozag gro-Khazun

Rozag gro-Khazun is an Orc who can be found south of Grimfield.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

As you approach Grimfield, he will stop you with a "Hold it!" and tries to prevent you from going forward:

"Stop right there! No one enters, Chief Tazgol's orders."

Asking about the zombies nearby, he explains himself:

Where did all these zombies come from?
"Bloodthorn Cult. They're raising zombies all over the graveyard. I'm here to keep people out until Warchief Tazgol arrives and crushes them all."
Aren't you worried about the cult raising an army?
"Ha! An army? These are Breton zombies. Flimsy little bodies in the ground. They'll die easy. Still, if you feel like slaughtering cultists, I won't stop you. Start with the crypt in the center. I saw a few in there."
I'll go have a look.

You can continue to ask him about the island:

"You get into trouble, you're on your own."
Why is there a Breton graveyard on Betnikh? Isn't this an Orc island?
"This was a Breton island, hundreds of years ago. War Chief Yzzgol and the Seamount Orcs wiped them out. The Seamounts were the fiercest raiders on the sea, until we settled here."
What was so special about Betnikh?
"Steel and stone, how can you ask? High, defensible cliffs, a view of all approaches from the fortress, fertile land for crops - what's not to like? Yzzgol's wives insisted we settle here, so we did."
Why haven't you dealt with the zombies yourself?
"My orders are to watch them until they try to break out or until Chief Tazgol gets here and cuts off their heads. That's all. An Orc follows orders, even if they're stupid."
If you own the island, why leave a Breton graveyard intact?
"We're not savages. We respect the enemy's dead. When an Orc dies, he gets a cairn to mark where he fell, weapons atop it. We don't stick our dead in the ground like Bretons. Even so, we won't desecrate their graves."

Once you've helped Frederique Lynielle stop the Bloodthorn Cultist's rituals, he'll be beside her at the western end of the cemetery:

"You desecrate a few old graves, and already the Bretons are back to complain.
Nice work dealing with the cult. Warchief Tazgol will be pleased."

After seeing the past through King Renwic's vision, he'll say:

"Our war was a long time ago. Once we've cleared out the cult, we'll rebury any bodies they've defiled. Even Breton dead deserve that dignity.
Also, I don't want them creeping into town at night."