Online:Royal Messenger

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Royal Messenger
Home City Sentinel
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Royal Messenger
Old look

Royal Messenger is a Redguard servant of King Fahara'jad who awaits your arrival in the city of Sentinel, either at the wayshrine or on the Harbor Launch. When you speak to her, she will ask for your assistance with some undead, directing you to visit her liege.

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"Tu'whacca smiles upon you this day wayfarer, for you are not caught in the calamity at the main docks.
By any chance do you have experience dealing with the dead?"
I have some.
"Surely it is fate or the mighty hand of Ruptga that has steered you to our shores then, Wayfarer. The great King Fahara'jad has need of the aid of those with knowledge such as yours."
What can I do?
"Please visit the throne of the king at the heart of sun-drenched Sentinel. Your audience would do him well in this time of great need."
I will go to seek out King Fahara'jad.
"Tu'whacca speed you on your travels, and may the sand not slip beneath your sandals."

After you have stopped the Ra-Netu at the Sentinel Docks, she will thank you.

"Surely you are a great champion of Sentinel, Wayfarer. Your deeds are known to the whole of the court and the spirits beyond the shore."