Online:Rathisa the Ripper

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Rathisa the Ripper
Location The Great Forest, southwest of Fort Ash
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Health 31364
Reaction Friendly
Rathisa the Ripper.

Rathisa the Ripper is a mysterious Dunmer who can be found on the road southwest of Fort Ash. Behind her is the body of a Dunmer woman, implied to be her handiwork. She has a message that needs to be delivered to Bruma.

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The Devils You KnowEdit

"You checking up on me?."
No. Why would I be?
"Nosey, aren't you? I can use that. I have a friend who'd be happy to see you. Head north to Bruma. Find Trelon Valen and tell him his wish has come true."
"It'll be good for your health—a nice walk and you'll stop bothering me. Old Trelon will be happy for the news and will pay you well. I'm no longer welcome in Bruma, so the reward's all yours."
I'll do it.

This will start the quest and exit conversation. Speaking to Rathisa again will allow you to inquire further.

"I'm flattered by the attention, but I think it's time you were on your way."
There's a body behind that wall.
"Why, so there is. And I here I thought that bad smell was you."
Anything to do with the message I'm delivering?
"Why, that's a question I think you should ask Trelon. Personally, I'd let it lie if I were you.
Ha! Let it lie. Get it?"
Why aren't you welcome in Bruma?
'Bruma's a funny town, full of desperate, angry, murderous people. Normally my sort of place. But folks there didn't like me working for bother sides of the conflict. I got one last job from Trelon that took me out of town and I'm not going back."
What's the fighting about?
"Just some differences of opinion. You'll see, if you ever get there. Remember to look up Trelon and give him my best!"