Home City Rimmen
Location Rimmen Artisans District
Race Alfiq Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Ra'ri is an Alfiq who can be found in Rimmen, near the Rimmen Artisans District. He can be seen sitting next to Kunaar.


"Ra'ri once thought to travel Tamriel in order to broaden his knowledge.
He made it as far as Grahtwood before realizing that few were willing to speak seriously to a "magical talking cat." And so he stays in Rimmen."
"Many scholars visit Rimmen, but few speak to Ra'ri. Because of his form, they believe him to have the intelligence of a mere house cat.
I am amused that those who claim to be so knowledgeable can be so ignorant. What else can I be?"
"Ra'ri cannot tell you how many times an outsider has cooed and crooned and even attempted to cuddle him. This one, a fully grown Alfiq!
Their ignorance continues to astound."