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Prince Azah
Home City Sentinel
Location Tava's Blessing
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Amputating the Hand (optional)
Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant
Prince Azah
Old look

Prince Azah is the son and heir of King Fahara'jad. Despite his good intentions, he often gets into trouble at the hands of his enemies.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Rise of the DeadEdit

Through a chase, you'll eventually find Azah in the caves below the city of Sentinel:

"I don't recognize you, but under the circumstances, I'm certainly glad to make your acquaintance.
You will be well-rewarded for assisting me. I can promise that much."
I'm just glad I found you, Your Highness.
"Ah, so you do know who I am then? Did my father put you up to this? Is he keeping tabs on me?
Well … I shouldn't be so accusatory. If he was tracking me, then I guess that turned out to be extremely fortunate."

The Impervious VaultEdit

If you haven't started the quest, he will say "Well...This is embarrassing."

He'll continue:

"I don't wish to seem ungrateful, but you should know that kidnapping me was just a distraction.
The Withered Hand—they've been planning this for years. If only we had heard the rumors sooner …. At this point, I don't think we can stop them."
Stop them from doing what?
"From tunneling into the Impervious Vault. This tunnel was just one of their attempts. It's a brilliant plan really.
The gates of the vault have been magically sealed for centuries, but underneath, the vault's apparently not so impervious."
Why do they want to break in to the vault?
"Undoubtedly they're hoping to steal the Ansei Wards. With the wards, Uwafa and Alasan could become unimaginably powerful.
It could be bad. Really bad. Even if we can't stop them, we have to try. We should get back to the palace and tell my father."
Sure. Let me untie you.

Free him from his bindings and he'll say:

Prince Azah : "Let's head south. There's a ladder leading up into the city."

If you do not go directly to the palace, when you do get there, Azah will be waiting for you:

"Thank you for meeting me."
We seem to have been separated somehow.
"Indeed. I am sorry. I am preoccupied, to say the least.
I need to go and warn the guard about the Impervious Vault. If you would relay the news to the king, though, I would very much appreciate that."
I will go speak to the king then.

However if you do go directly to the palace, Azah will follow you to the palace where he'll stop outside and say:

Prince Azah : "Go on and tell my father what they're planning! I'm going to call the guard to the vault!"

Either way, he'll then head to the vault.

Arrive at the entrance to the vault after soliciting Gabrielle Benele's help, and he'll be waiting with his father and General Thoda:

"I'm tempted to say I'm sorry you became caught up in all this, but something tells me it was the hand of fate that brought you here.
Besides, if we can't stop them from stealing the Ansei Wards, none of us are safe."

Return from clearing the vault and he'll say:

"Glad you made it back safely, though I get the distinct feeling things didn't go well in there …."

After the quest if you haven't started In Search of the Ash'abah, he will say:

"I regret that my father did not heed the warnings of the Ash'abah before, but I am truly grateful that you are here to help set matters straight.
Sometimes one person can make all the difference."

In Search of the Ash'abahEdit

After speaking to his father about the next steps, he'll say:

"Finally my father stops chasing the mirage! I advised him to listen to Ash'abah weeks ago. Better late than never.
If you will go speak with Marimah, I will reach out to my Ash'abah contacts as well.
We will find a way to stop the Withered Hand."

Trouble at Tava's BlessingEdit

A courier will arrive in Bergama to relay the Prince's request to meet with him at Tava's Blessing, to look for the second Ansei Ward. When you arrive, the town will already be overrun with the Withered Hand. Prince Azah will be holed up with Captain Rawan and Sergeant Hadima.

If you speak to him before starting Alasan's Plot, he'll greet you with:

"I am grateful to see a friendly face. This is a desperate moment, and we need all the assistance we can get."

Alasan's PlotEdit

No matter why you arrived in Tava's Blessing, you can speak with Azah to learn about the situation and how you can help out. If you choose to start the quest through him, he will say "Have heart, captain. The answer to your prayer has arrived!"

Speaking to him:

"I heard the commotion out there, and somehow I knew it was you. I can't tell you how good it is to see you, my illustrious friend.
As you can see, we are in dire straits here, and it's on the verge of getting even worse."
How will it get worse?
"That fiend Alasan is here! With Uwafa dead, he has the Withered Hand dedicated to his own twisted designs.
He seeks power. The reason they aren't raising these people—it's because Alasan plans to turn himself into a lich!"
How would he turn himself into a lich?
"He has corrupted one of the Ansei Wards, and he's using some kind of necromantic focuses to channel energy from the the [sic] dead for a ritual he's conducting in the lighthouse.
He says this ritual will make him a lich. Will you help me stop him?"
Yes. Just tell me what to do.
"I believe it's best to destroy the focuses first. Alasan's minions have been piling the dead around them, and they seem to be channeling energy for the ritual.
Destroy the focuses; then go to the lighthouse and find a way to disrupt Alasan's ritual."
How did you learn of Alasan's plan to become a lich?
"When we arrived, the necromancers had already killed everyone. We snuck up to spy on them, and I saw Alasan.
Evil has twisted his features, but I knew him. He was ranting about this ritual to become a lich. We attacked, but you see how that went."
You knew Alasan before?
"Yes. He and Uwafa both. Since we were knee-high to a dune beetle.
We studied together, but they were always sadistic, obsessed with death. That was before their father turned of course … if only we had killed them all back then."
Why did they come to Tava's Blessing? / Why did the Withered Hand attack Tava's Blessing?
"My father sent me here because he feared the Withered Hand might target our navy.
I don't think that's why they came, though. It seems that many centuries ago, this was the home of one of the Ansei who sacrificed themselves to create the Wards."
Why would that matter?
"I suspect it has something to do with Alasan's plan to become a lich.
If this is where the Ansei was born, perhaps Alasan had to bring the Ward here in order to corrupt it. That's just my theory, of course."
How have things been going in Sentinel? / How have things been in Sentinel?
"Not good, I'm afraid. Rumors about the Ansei Wards being stolen run rampant, and every day, there are new reports of risen dead.
The Crowns and some Forebears are calling for my father to step down … there's even talk of rebellion."

Once you destroy the focus sites and before you go to the lighthouse, he'll say:

"Whatever Alasan is doing, you must stop him.
I fear that if he succeeds in this endeavor, the future of Alik'r is in jeopardy."

After you have stopped Alasan's plans and restored the Ansei Ward, you can find Azah on the outskirts of town with Talia at-Marimah and Shiri.

"What foulness is afoot now? The dead have risen? I thought Alasan was purposefully not raising them!
Were we too late? Has Alasan made himself into a lich?"
No. Alasan is no longer a threat.
"He's not? We should rejoice then! That bastard! I relish the knowledge of his defeat.
Without him, the rest of these necromancers do not concern me. Not in the least. But what of the Ansei Ward? Do you have it?"
Yes, but the Ansei asked me to give it to someone I trust.
"And you brought it to me …? That's quite an honor. I promise you, for as long as I live, it will not fall into enemy hands again.
Now, only the final Ansei Ward remains … but if Uwafa and Alasan are gone, who has it?"
Ansei Maja said there is another sibling.
"Another sibling? But who could that be …? Wait, Suturah did have another child, a very young daughter.
I remember her now, nipping at her brothers' heels … but I do not remember her name. Somehow we must find her though."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, he will say:

"You do me great honor entrusting me with this Ansei ward. I promise you, for as long as I live, it will not fall into enemy hands again.
Now, only the final Ansei Ward remains…but if Uwafa and Alasan are gone, who has it?"
Ansei Maja said there is another sibling. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

If you talk with him afterwards, he will be planning to start the search for Suturah's daughter.

"I will send word to Sentinel. Perhaps my father, or someone else can recall the name of Suturah's daughter.
Let's hope we can find her soon."

Amputating the HandEdit

While you were dealing with the Imperial incursion in Satakalaam, Talia and Prince Azah were dealing with the Withered Hand raising the consecrated dead in the Motalion Necropolis. Unfortunately, they were overwhelmed and Azah was captured. He can be found in one of the tombs, tied to a chair, a familiar scene which annoys him.

"Damn it all! I can't believe you're finding me like this again! It was humiliating enough the last time!
There's no time for jests, though. The Withered Hand has stolen back the Ansei Wards we recovered! They have all three again!"
How did that happen?
"You gave Ansei Maja's Ward to me for safekeeping, and so I was holding onto it. Throne Keeper Farvad was here too with Ansei Radan's Ward ….
I think Shiri planned it this way. I think she lured us here to get the Wards back."
What makes you think Shiri planned all this?
"Isn't it obvious? She was fooling us all.
Apprenticing with Scholar Zohreh so she could learn about the Ansei Wards, coming along with us to Tava's Blessing … she is diabolical! She is … like her father. She is the sibling we were warned about!"
How do we stop her?
"I don't know. I don't even know what she's planning. If we get the Ansei Wards back, that should at least slow her down though.
Shiri took Ansei Maja's Ward into the next room, where she performed some kind of ritual."
Is she still in there?
"No. After she finished the ritual, she left, but I think the Ward is still in there.
Please. You have to go in there and get it, and then find Throne Keeper Farvad and the Ward he was carrying. I'll catch up … if you'll untie me first, that is."
I'll untie you and then be on my way. (You free him)
I have more questions first.
"That's fine. If you could just untie me and let me stand up first, I'll answer all your questions."

Once he is untied he can be asked more questions:

"Mara's grace! I can't tell you how humiliating it is that you had to rescue me yet again. That's the last time. I promise.
You need to get the Wards back though, and fast. If my father heard I had one and lost it, he'd put me in the stocks!"
Why didn't you recognize Shiri before? / Did you know Shiri before?
"I knew you'd ask that, and of course, I feel like a fool. She was standing right behind us at Tava's Blessing, for Mara's sake!
After we parted ways, I was racking my brain trying to remember her name, but it just didn't come to me."
When did you recognize her?
"Only when it was too late. She and her minions came screaming down on us as soon as we entered the necropolis. In her rage, I finally saw the family resemblance ….
What about you, did you only learn from Talia just now?"
No. I found her cousin's journal, which revealed who she was.
"So you had learned about Shiri's true identity before …? I am impressed.
I only hope that can help us stop her. First though, you must recover Ansei Maja's Ward, and then go find Throne Keeper Farvad and the Ward he was carrying."
Why would Shiri leave Ansei Maja's Ward here?
"She and her necromancer friends performed some ritual in there. I suspect that is why the Ward remains.
I suggest you exercise caution when entering the room. I would assist you, but I need a few minutes to recover. Talia will help you though."
Are you sure Farvad is still alive?
"I'm not sure, but I have a feeling he survived the attack.
I don't know if Tu'whacca truly speaks to him or not, but he has that glow about him. Regardless, we have to look for him. We owe him that much."

Once you have rescued Farvad and helped him cleanse Ansei Rahan's Ward, you can meet up with Azah outside Suturah's tomb. When you arrive, there will be a dark blue barrier blocking the door.

"I can't believe it. I thought Throne Keeper Farvad had met a grisly end.
He's tough for a priest, a little strange, but tough. I'm glad you managed to find him, and Ansei Radan's Ward."

After you speak with Farvad, you can choose someone to accompany you to fight Shiri. Prince Azah is one of choices:

"We've been together in this battle since the beginning. You know I'll do whatever it takes to destroy the Withered Hand.
That said, Shiri's already proven more than a match for me. We have to win this one, and you know best how to do that."
You're the prince. You really want to take this risk?
"To be honest, I feel like Shiri's made a monkey out of me. That little waif who once nipped at her brothers' heels … and she beat me.
I'll fight with you for revenge, if nothing else. Besides, to enter a battle with you—that's no risk."
I want you to join me then, Your Highness.

Prince Azah then becomes your follower:

I need a moment before I make this decision.
<Ends Conversation.>

Depending on who is chosen, the other two will remain behind to unseal the door. The conversations will be as follows:

Talia as the Companion
Throne Keeper Farvad: "Tu'whacca demands justice be done!"
Prince Azah: "This wall will not stand before the power of an Ansei Ward."
<The barrier is removed>
Talia at-Marimah: "It is done, lead on."
Throne Keeper Farvad as the Companion
Throne Keeper Farvad: "Tu'whacca walks with you, and so will I."
<The Ansei Wards are channeled to unlock the door.>
Talia at-Marimah: "All right, let us open the door then."
Prince Azah: "This wall will not stand before the power of an Ansei Ward."
<The door is unsealed.>
Throne Keeper Farvad: "It is done. Tu'whacca says it is time for us to go in."
If Prince Azah as the Companion
Prince Azah: "All right. Farvad, Talia … you know what to do."
Talia at-Marimah: "All right, Let us open the door then."
<The Ansei Wards are channeled to unlock the door.>
Throne Keeper Farvad: "Tu'whacca demands justice be done!"
Prince Azah: "Yes! That did it. Lead on."

Restoring the Ansei WardsEdit

Prince Azah is present at the ceremony in the Impervious Vault during Restoring the Ansei Wards.

"When I think back to when this all started, when the Withered Hand had captured me and was holding me beneath the city … I can't believe how far we've come.
It wasn't easy, but we defeated the Withered Hand. We're heroes now!"
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