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Plague Concocter Mortieu
Location Scalecaller Peak
Race Breton Gender Male
Health Normal5624512Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Dragon Cult
Plague Concocter Mortieu

Plague Concocter Mortieu is a Breton found in Scalecaller Peak. He is the initial leader of the Peryite Cult which created the plague within the caverns and woke up Zaan the Scalecaller, before she was given control. In combat, he is very proficient in unleashing his various afflictions to hinder his enemies. His full name, according to his journals is Nathien Mortieu.

Related QuestsEdit

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

While he is armed with a bow, he also has other abilities.

Blistering PlagueEdit

Throughout the fight he will use his collection of custom-made diseases on you, which causes a variety of debuffs. Jorvuld Davaux can cure you though he needs your help to acquire the reagents for the cure.

Summon Mortieu's GuardEdit

Throughout the fight he will summon his guard to help him.

Release the PlaguesEdit

He will release various diseases, which heavily debuff the players until an antidote is administered.


Once you enter his chamber:

Plague Concocter Mortieu: "So busy, so busy, and now I must entertain these guests?"

When he is engaged in combat:

Plague Concocter Mortieu: "We'll purge this world, make it clean! All shall be blessed...and perish!"

He will say various things as he releases one of his diseases, depending on what it does.

Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Too quick! Lets slow you all down." (Slowing Disease)
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "It spreads within you! Pulsing! Yes!" (Healing received reduced.)
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Such Robust guests. I'll put an end to that!"
Magicka Draining Disease
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Nasty, nasty! I'll drain that pesky magic!" (Magicka draining disease)
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "I also bring the blessing of fire's end! Ha!"
"Do you feel it? Your magic draining! Failing!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Let's drain that pesky energy, shall we?"

Calling his Guard:

Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Fools! Get in here and protect me!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Where are my guards? Get in here!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Are you fools going to watch me suffer? Come out!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Guards! Our guests need some extra care."

Plague Concocter Mortieu will also yell at Jorvuld Davaux throughout the fight.

Plague Concocter Mortieu: "This will end your meddling, you nasty mage!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Will you stop with those nasty antidotes?"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "No, leave my guests be! They belong with us now!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Stop fiddling with my ingredients! Nasty, nasty!"


Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Let's light things up a bit, shall we?"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Ah, nothing like the smell of charred flesh!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Feel my blessing! Let it spread!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "A little poison, some fumes. The ideal mixture for death!"
Plague Concocter Mortieu: "Your bodies shall wither away. Beautiful, beautiful!"

When killed:

"Nasty, nasty...She'll kill you all. Zaan the Scalecaller...will..."


  • His progress on his plague research is detailed in his journals, Volumes One, Two and Three.
  • Mortieu's mother was a Vaermina cultist and was disappointed in her son for worshiping Peryite. Mortieu for his part, resented her.
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