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Pet Rangers are a class of hostile humanoid NPCs that attack using ranged abilities. They are usually equipped with a bow.

Types of Pet RangersEdit

Location Name Race Gender Health
Hadran's Caravan Hadran's Hunter Bosmer Varies 13846
Hackdirt Black Dagger Ranger Imperial Varies 40643

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Quick ShotEdit

A basic ranged attack that does minor physical damage.

Call AllyEdit

At the beginning of combat, the enemy blows a horn and summons an animal companion to fight. This animal is usually appropriate to the zone the enemy appears in. Players should note the animal will live even if ranger is killed. This ability can only be performed once.

Roll DodgeEdit

The enemy may perform a roll dodge to avoid attacks.

Place TrapEdit

Places a trap which roots the creature that walks into it. Performing a roll dodge will break the trap.

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